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Facilitate a smooth, efficient and successful physical infrastructure deployment.

Data Center Implementation Services

Our seasoned professionals understand the physical infrastructure’s impact on logical design and use proven methodologies to ensure that the implementation is accomplished as efficiently as possible, therefore maximizing the return on investment.


Implementation of a design requires the coordination of many resources, and projects often fail due to flawed project management. We can help you avoid delays, needless expense, and will help ensure that the implementation of your project goes smoothly and achieves the results you require.




Our implementation offerings include:


On-Site Management Services

Ensuring physical infrastructure designs are flawlessly implemented.
To facilitate a smooth, efficient and successful physical infrastructure deployment, Panduit’s On-Site Management Services ensure that all key areas are installed according to design intent and that your project stays on-time and on-budget.
Our suite of On-Site Management Services include:
  •  Installation Quality Assurance Audit
  •  Installation Final Commissioning Acceptance
  •  On-Site Project Management

Tailored to Your Needs
To maximize the value to your organization, Panduit tailors our On-Site Management Services to fit the unique characteristics of your data center. Whether you’re looking for pre-implementation site inspection, milestone-based installation audits, or dedicated on-site installation oversight, you can rely on Panduit’s deep understanding of the physical infrastructure to ensure that your design is implemented according to plan.
Panduit has years of experience in assessing physical infrastructure, based on industry standards and best practices, and in designing high-performance physical infrastructures. Therefore, we have the keen eyes you need to assess the implementation of your data center’s physical infrastructure and to ensure that it’s ready for deployment. Learn more.

Physical Infrastructure Management™ (PIM™) Consulting Services

Maximize Your PIM™ Investment
When you purchase PIM™ Software Platform and any related PanView iQ™ (PViQ™) System Hardware, Panduit Advisory Services is available to help you realize the full benefi ts of PIM™ with PIM™ Consulting Services, which offers full-scale implementation support and training.


Our highly dedicated and skilled professionals bring proven implementation strategies and best practices from previous PIM™ engagements that will make implementation of PIM™ in your data center and enterprise faster, easier, and more efficient by:


  • Determining the best implementation plan for your PIM deployment based on your objectives, current processes, and procedures.
  • Leveraging Panduit’s proven methodologies and industry best practices, we can augment your team so that they can focus on more critical data center operations.
  • Providing dedicated training, your team can experience the power of PIM™ and effectively manage and maintain your infrastructure after the deployment.
  • Augmenting your team so that they can focus on more critical data center operations.

PIM™ Consulting Services are designed to help you find the fastest and most efficient path to a successful implementation of PIM™