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An image of Kit upgrades FCAMKIT for field polish temination (230VAC 50Hz)

Upgrades FCAMKIT with the additional tools, consumables, installation instructions, and stripping templates required for termination of all Panduit field polish connectors, includes FHSCT-W heat shrink curing tool – 230VAC, 50Hz.
Application Fiber Optic Cable
Total Number of Pieces 26
RoHS Compliancy Status Compliant
Min. Order Qty. 1.0000
Contents Tools:(1) FSCRIBE Carbide scribe(1) FSCOPE Fiber inspection microscope (200x)(1) FLCASCP 1.25mm adapter for FSCOPE(1) FLOUPEX10 Eye loupe (10x)(1) FCRP5 Crimp tool (hex sizes: 0.048", 0.100", 0.128", 0.151", 0.190")(1) FLPT Crimp tool required for 1.6mm/2.0mm jacketed cable termination(1) FJPKGU Universal polishing puck (2.5mm ferrule)(1) FLCPK LC polishing puck (1.25mm)(1) FPAD Fiber polishing pad (70 durometer)(1) FLCPAD Polishig pad and plate (85 durometer)(1) FHSCT-W Heat shrink curing tool (230VAC, 50Hz) required for 1.6mm/2.0mm jacketed cable termination(1 set) Installation instructions and stripping templates for LC, SC, ST and FJ® Field Polish ConnectorsField Polish Consumables:(10) FSYR-X Syringes with needle tips(1) FPWIRE Piano wire(1 pkg.) LJSL4-Y3-2.5 Cable labels(1) FJPMR Primer (50ml)(1) FJPXY Anaerobic adhesive (10ml)(50) FPP5-L 5µm polishing paper (AL-2-O-3-)(5) FPF1-V 1µm diamond polishing film(10) FLCFPLF-X 0.05µm lapping film (gold color; transitioning to green color)