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An image of Opti-Crimp Fiber Termination Kit

Tools, consumables, installation instructions and stripping templates necessary for termination of SC, ST, and FJ® Opti-Crimp® Pre-Polished Crimp Multimode Connectors and Jack Modules onto 3mm jacketed cable and 900µm tight-buffered fiber.
Application Panduit® OptiCam® Pre-Polished Cam Connectors
Part Features No adhesive required for termination
RoHS Compliancy Status Compliant
Min. Order Qty. 1.0000
Contents Tools: (1) FKITCASE Case for fiber termination kits (1) CST115 Fiber cable jacket stripper (1) FALC Alcohol bottle (empty) (1) FBFSP Fiber buffer stripper (1) FSCDVR Screwdriver (1) FGLS Safety glasses (1) FTWZER Tweezers (1) FWBTL Water bottle (empty) (1) FKS Fiber Kevlar shears (1) FWRKMAT Fiber safe workmat (1) FJQCVR Fiber cleaver tool (1) FCRP5 Crimp tool (hex sizes: 0.048", 0.100", 0.128", 0.151", 0.190") (1) FVFLY Visual fault locator (includes batteries and instructions) (1) FVFLPCY Patch cord for all Opti-Crimp® Connectors (1 meter long) (1 set) Installation instructions and stripping templates for FJ®, SC and ST Opti-Crimp® Connectors Cleaning Consumables: (100) FWP-C Lint free wipes (100) FSWB-C Cleaning swabs (1 pkg.) FSTY Safety stickers for fiber scraps (1) PFX-0 Permanent marking pen, fine tip, black ink