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An image of Nest Die, used w/ Panduit CDI-920-48 Indent Die, 185mm2 Class 5f/6f Flex Metric

Nest crimping die used with Panduit CDI-920-48 indenter die and specified tools for terminating Panduit copper compression lugs and splices used with 185mm2 Class 5f and Class 6f flexible strand metric conductor.
Product Type CD-920Nest Crimp Die
Copper Die Index No. or Letter Code & Color Nest
Aluminum Die Index No. or Letter Code & Color
For Use With Panduit Tools Panduit crimping tools: CT-930, CT-2930/L, CT-2930/LE, CT-930CH, CT-2940/L, CT-2940/LE, CT-940CH, CT-2931, CT-2931/E, CD-940-DA die adapter needed with CT-940CH and CT-2940 tools.
Copper Conductor Size Class 5F (mm²) 185
Copper Conductor Size Class 6F (mm²) 185
Material Steel
Part Features Nest and Indenter die termination
Required Indenter Die CDI-920-48
RoHS Compliancy Status RoHS directive is not applicable
Min. Order Qty. 1.0000