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Get Ready for the Future with High Speed Data Transport

As data center convergence becomes more commonplace, so do the demands placed on the physical infrastructure. Whether you’re trying to increase your network’s throughput, reduce latency or enable improved Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Panduit High Speed Data Transport (HSDT) systems can help.

HSDT Copper and Fiber Systems

With best-in-class physical infrastructure solutions, Panduit provides the broadest offering of end-to-end HSDT solutions: optical fiber, direct attach copper cable assemblies, and twisted pair copper cabling. This gives data center architects and managers maximum flexibility in the design, layout, and implementation of their data centers.

Specifically, HSDT enables advanced network designs such as fabric-based architectures and FCoE, as well as higher bandwidth deployments such as 10/40/100 Gig Ethernet LANs and 8/16/32 Gig Fibre Channel SANs to be deployed independently or in various combinations. HSDT also works with pre-configured infrastructures, which lowers speed-to-deployment, enhances thermal performance, decreases energy usage and reduces total cost of ownership.

Panduit’s End-to-End High Speed Data Transport Solution

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