building a smarter, unified business foundation

An Intelligent Building Helps Drive Smart Business

Almost every building system today including HVAC, lighting, security, and communications, uses the IT network for management and control. This presents an opportunity to create intelligent buildings: converging building systems control onto an intelligent, open-systems architecture and makes it possible to implement facility policies that enhance building efficiency and effectiveness—and enable you to respond rather than react to changing business requirements and user needs.
Solutions that connect, manage, and automate your enterprise infrastructure.
Panduit Enterprise solutions link facility and IT systems together via an IP-based network. Data sharing across all areas is woven through the fabric of the building, increasing efficiency, security and sustainability to create truly intelligent buildings
This converged systems approach consists of cabling that connects a wide range of endpoint devices, including desktop computers, lighting, interactive lobby kiosks, surveillance cameras, climate controls and energy management sensors.
Together with our partners  and our Advisory Services team, we are committed to working with you to ensure that from the design phase, through deployment and operation, you realize tangible infrastructure and business process improvements in support of mission-critical operations across your enterprise.