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Sustainable Intelligent Buildings


Businesses are being challenged to increase the efficiency of their facilities to reduce costs, minimize their carbon footprint, and drive best practices. A converged network can help manage diverse building automation systems, to help enterprises meet their sustainability targets, while also monitoring and resolving problems before they affect those who use the building.

At Panduit, we understand sustainable solutions. Our world headquarters is a LEED Gold-Certified building, and is a living example of the sustainable solutions that we promote. We are committed to helping our customers deploy a network infrastructure that will help them achieve a healthy, energy efficient, and sustainable business environment.


Smart Products for a Smart Building



Your physical infrastructure can support your smart building in more ways than one! It enables the building automation systems that deliver efficiency, cost-savings, and improved performance. At the same time, that infrastructure can help your project earn LEED certification. Several of Panduit’s infrastructure solutions have Environmental Product Declarations and Health Product Declarations, which means you can receive points toward LEED certification when you install them in your facility.

Several products groups have also been recognized by the Singapore Green Building Council as Green Building Products.

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Environmental Product Declarations

RJ45 Modules

Copper Cable - Riser

Copper Cable - Plenum
Singapore Green Building Product Certificates

SGBC, Category 6, LSZH

SGBC, Category 6A Small Diameter, LSZH

SGBC, Category 6A Matrix, LSZH