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Today’s industrial organizations are driven to speed production and control costs while maintaining quality, safety and system reliability.  Partners that understand your unique application requirements can help you meet today’s business challenges and prepare for tomorrow.
Panduit offers solutions for your most demanding industrial applications—from construction to control room and factory floor to power generation. We work with you to deploy a robust physical infrastructure that streamlines your operations and improves overall productivity.
Please click the link below the "Design Guide" to register for "Industrial Ethernet Physical Infrastructure Reference Architecture Design Guide" It is currently available as four separate files or as a single complete file to download. Please note that the single file is large and slower connection speeds may have trouble with this, consequently, we offer it also as four smaller, seperate downloads.
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Whether updating existing systems or planning plant expansions, Panduit has your nbsp; Industrial Automation Solutions 
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The Evolving Architecture: is your plant ready?
image Design Guide 
Panduit provides a complete  Industrial Ethernet Physical Infrastructure Reference Architecture Design Guide.  

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Panduit provides a tactical brief on Factory Floor Network Reliability