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Industrial Automation Excellence Starts with an Optimized Physical Infrastructure

Industrial Automation Professional Services


As networks converge, the physical infrastructure becomes even more critical to support the demands of real-time control, data collection, and device configuration. Each element of the physical infrastructure must be designed and deployed to ensure industrial networks and control systems provide sufficient performance margin within the specified environmental conditions.

Reduce Deployment Time by Up to 75%
Panduit Professional Services help customers implement validated industrial network and control system designs that reduce deployment time by up to 75%, exceed performance requirements and reduce operation, maintenance and repair costs.

Our suite of Industrial Automation Professional Services includes:

Assessment Services that evaluate key physical infrastructure network components to help you increase productivity
   and reduce costs.

Design Services to ensure that your physical infrastructure network will meet your current and long-term network goals.

Deployment and Management Services  to ensure that the implementation of your project goes smoothly and achieves
   the results you require.


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Application-focused System for Today’s Business Challenges and Tomorrow’s Growth

Industrial Automation Assessment Services


Panduit Industrial Automation Assessment Services provide an engineering-based analysis of the current state and future readiness of your physical infrastructure network to help you:

  • Avoid design compromises that affect noise immunity and operational performanc
  • Fix problematic issues by systematic implementation of telecommunications grounding
  • Protect your assets and enable physical network security

Evaluate Key Components

Each Panduit assessment provides a detailed examination of an aspect of your physical infrastructure network, including an evaluation of its compliance with industry standards and its ability to support your current needs and future business.
We evaluate key components of your physical infrastructure network with:

  • Policy Assessment
  • Design Assessment
  • On-site Operation Assessment
  • Risk Assessment
  • Vulnerability Assessment

Each assessment provides a detailed examination of an aspect of your physical infrastructure network, including an evaluation of its compliance with industry standards and its ability to support your current needs and future business initiatives.

By charting your current and future needs, you gain insight into where you are, where you want to go, and what it will take to get there, enabling you to manage your business more strategically and efficiently.

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Panduit Launches Industrial Automation Advisory Services.

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Optimized Physical Infrastructure Network Design Mitigates Risk

Industrial Automation Design Services


By optimizing the physical and logical network infrastructures, you minimize risk of downtime and security lapses, increase flexibility and deliver maximum performance throughout your physical infrastructure network. As a result, a scalable, integrated, and well-planned physical infrastructure network provides quick and efficient deployment of new technologies.

To achieve this, a structured, engineered approach to physical infrastructure network design is essential to ensure that investments in network distribution deliver optimum output. The Panduit Advisory Services team can turn a potentially chaotic network installation process into a predictable, controlled initiative through our structured planning and infrastructure network design methodology that provides:

  • Robust Design optimized for operation and incorporates latest industry standards, best practices, and reference architecture
  • Improved Accuracy with customized design documents and a master plan versus a design-as-you-go approach
  • Improved Speed of Deployment (2-3 times faster in most cases) and the option of on-site management to accelerate implementation time and accuracy
  • Design Documentation helps improve troubleshooting and minimize downtime after the installation process.

Reduce Specification, Implementation and Support Costs

Industrial Automation Deployment and Management Services


Implementation of an infrastructure network design requires the marshaling of many resources, and demands a disciplined project management methodology. The right project management support can help you avoid delays, needless expense, and frustration. It can also help you monitor the implementation of your network infrastructure project to ensure smooth results.

Panduit and our partners understand the impact that the physical infrastructure network has on logical design. We provide implementation services built on proven methodology to help manufacturing operations stakeholders accomplish implementation goals as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Panduit provides you with an actionable plan that ensures the network installation meets your manufacturing operations requirements and standards…with nothing left to chance…and no shortcuts.

The Panduit Advisory Services Team can help you:

  • •Meet aggressive industrial automation build-out schedules
  • •Avoid project delays
  • •Oversee implementation by Panduit Certified Installer (PCI)
  • •Resolve build issues on-site as they arise
  • •Coordinate trades

Poorly controlled and managed change is responsible for approximately 80% of all unplanned outages and incidents

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