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Harsh and Rugged Conditions: Keep Uptime Up and Operating Expenses Down

Count on Panduit to reliably organize, connect and protect your wire and cabling—under the most extreme conditions.

We offer the industry's most complete selection of electrical infrastructure solutions that stand up to rugged and abrasive conditions. And we design and develop our electrical products with the most punishing applications in mind - from undercarriage - to solar panel. Panduit conducts extensive, real-world testing to ensure our products are ready to perform reliably in high vibration, extreme temperatures, in the presence of corrosive agents, and under intense UV exposure.

Heat shrink and abrasion protection products are an economical way to insulate, protect, and identify electrical components and cable. Wire harness products include cable ties, mounts and other accessories for high temperature, heavy duty, and UV applications to organize, connect and protect your wires and cables. Halogen-free identification includes marker plates, heat shrink, and polyester labels to identify cables and components.

Panduit electrical product solutions can help you in the battle to keep uptime up and operating expenses down, while extending the life of your equipment in the most severe conditions.

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Identification Solutions for Harsh Environments