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Engineered Solutions: End-to-end technical expertise and support.


The most advanced cable management or harness-building solutions are effective only if they work with your equipment, processes or applications.

That’s why OEMs around the world turn to Panduit engineered solutions - and to our global, collaborative problem solvers. Our trained and knowledgeable technical sales representatives and product specialists bring the design and application guidance you need to solve application challenges.

Our research and development capabilities offer world-class products. Engineers, scientists, and application experts utilize advanced technologies and research methodologies to lead Panduit and our customers into the future. These real-world proving grounds are ideal for streamlining manufacturing processes, products and materials. We’re prepared to design, test, and manufacture in our worldwide facilities. Panduit products are designed to meet or exceed industry standards. You can benefit from customized training, validation testing, prototyping and material testing so you can design for success.

Look to Panduit Engineered Solutions to solve your manufacturing problems, application needs, and new product development to reveal new opportunities for operational efficiencies and cost-savings.