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This Rockwell Automation tool allows you to configure and select hardware as well as generate BOMs for industrial automation systems. Key Panduit products are included in the tool to provide a complete solution for any configuration you may need.

Additional support tools have also been created to assist with Panduit product selection and configuration.

Major Product Categories: Cabinets, Racks, Cable Management, Copper Systems, Integrated Zone Enclosures, Fiber Systems, Cable Ties, Abrasion Protection, Heat Shrink, Identification, Faceplates, Routing, Pathways, Safety, Security, Supports, Fasteners, Terminals, Power Connectors, Grounding, Tools and Wiring Duct.




ProposalWorks and IAB Tool Download – by Rockwell Automation
Rockwell Automation/Allen-Bradley (Online) Product Catalog

Additional Support


Online Power Connector Selection Tool:
Select a power connector based on specific requirements (e.g., conductor type, connector type, and conductor size).

Online Zone System Selection Tool:
Select a complete zone enclosure solution that includes a Stratix Switch, enclosure, cables and cable management.

Online Wyr-Grid® Overhead Cable Tray Routing System Configurator:
Translate your Wyr-Grid® Tray designs into a BOM. This is a full featured wizard that guides you through all steps.

Online Horizontal Fiber Cable Selection Wizard:
Select horizontal cable based on specific design requirements (e.g., environment, bandwidth, and distance)

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