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An image of Ethernet Enabled PDM Dispenser And Data Interface Software

Dispenses cable ties by separating ties from the carrier ribbon and sending them through a feeder hose to the tool head. System operates on 65 psig (minimum) non-lubricated filtered air and 100 — 24 FAC/TP or 60 Mhz. Extended arm holds a reel of 5000 cable ties for continuous processing. Includes: -DI option provides Panduit's exclusive interface between the PAT system and Data Manager© Software. Allows users to measure and track production performance. Can be useful in collecting data for Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). The RJ45 female port is located on the back side of the unit.
OM Obsolete CodeOBSOLETE
Color Black
Type Dispenser
Length (ft.)
Compatible Cable Tie PLT1M-XMR, PLT1.5M-XMR, BT1M-XMR, BT1.5M-XMR
Used with Installation Tool PAT1M, PAT1.5M, PAT1M-BT, PAT1.5M-BT
Description Ethernet enabled PDM dispenser and data interface software.
Tool Type Automatic cut off
RoHS Compliancy Status Compliant
Min. Order Qty. 1