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An image of Laser Printable, Turn-Tell, Polymer, 1.00" W x 1.50" H, 0.50" POA, Clear/White

The laser/ink jet, self-laminating Turn-Tell label made of polymer has an innovative design that allows it to rotate to any angle for improved visibility, aesthetics, and easy repositioning on wires and cables. The label has a print-on area 0.50" (12.7 mm) high. It can easily be installed on existing terminated wires and assemblies and does not require disconnecting wires or cables. It is clear with a white print-on area color. The label is 1.0" wide and 1.5" long (25.4 x 38.1 mm). It supports 10-6 AWG wire/cable, Cat 5e UTP, Cat 6 UTP, Cat 6A UTP, and Cat 5e FTP cables. It has 6 labels per row, 24 labels per sheet, and comes in packages of 1000. This Turn-Tell label is available in P1 label Cassettes for the LS8E or LS8EQ printer series and computer printable rolls. It can be used with Easy-Mark Labeling Software and thermal transfer printers.
Compatible Printer Laser/Inkjet
Material Polymer
Maximum Wire Outside Diameter (In.) 0.28
Minimum Wire Outside Diameter (In.) 0.22
Minimum Wire Outside Diameter (mm) 5.6
Color White
Print-On Area Height (In.) 0.5
Print-On Area Height (mm) 12.7
Overall Length (In.) 1.5
Overall Length (mm) 38.1
Overall Width (In.) 1
Overall Width (mm) 25.4
Length (In.) 1.50
RoHS Compliancy Status Compliant
Min. Order Qty. 1,000