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An image of Disconnect Adapter, non-insulated, couples two female and one male tab (all .250 x .032)

The vibration resistant disconnect adapter in metallic brass couples two female tabs and one male tab all sized at 0.250 x 0.032 (6.3 x 0.8 mm). The adapter is 0.82" (20.8 mm) long and 0.57" (14.5 mm) wide. It tin-plated, non-insulated, and comes in bottles of 100.
Base Material Brass
Finish/Coating Tinned
Style Disconnect Adapter
Tab Size In. (mm) 0.250 x 0.032 (6.3 x 0.8)
Color Code Metallic
Insulation Material Non-Insulated
Plating Type Tinned
Part Number Series D-A
Width In (mm) 0.57 (14.5)
Wire Strip Length In. (mm) 9/32" (.2812) (7.1)
Maximum Output Voltage (V) 2000
Temperature Rating 266 Degrees Fahrenheit (130 Degrees Celsius)
CSA Certified No
Package Type Bottle
Flammability Rating N/A
Part Features • Couples two female disconnects to one male disconnect (all 0.250 x 0.032) • Multiple connection points allow additional circuits to be added to existing equipment without expensive rework • Disconnect can be inserted and removed from the male tab without the use of tools for lower installed cost • Maximum recommended operating temperature 302°F (150°C) • Rated up to 2000 V
RoHS Compliancy Status Compliant
Min. Order Qty. 100