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An image of Die Adapter For CD-920/930 Dies

Die adapter for use with Panduit CT-940CH and CT-2940 crimping tools required for installation of Panduit CD-920, CDM-920, and CD-930 crimping dies in these tools.
Copper Conductor Size for Copper Code Lugs & Splices (kcmil) NA
Aluminum Conductor Size for Aluminum Code Lugs & Splices (kcmil) NA
Flex Conductor Size for Copper Lugs & Splices (kcmil) NA
Metric Class 2r Conductor Size for Metric Copper Lugs and Splices (mm²) NA
Metric Class 5f and 6f Wire Size for Copper Lugs and Splices (mm²) NA
Application Panduit Compression Lug and Splice
Part Features req for installation of CD-920 and CD-930 dies in CT-940CH and CT-2940 crimp tools.
RoHS Compliancy Status RoHS directive is not applicable
Min. Order Qty. 1