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An image of Nest Die, used w/ Panduit CDI-920-48 Indent Die, 70mm2 Class 5f/6f Flex Metric

Nest crimping die used with Panduit CDI-920-48 indenter die and specified tools for terminating Panduit copper compression lugs and splices used with 70 mm2 Class 5f and Class 6f flexible strand metric conductor.
Material Steel
Copper Die Index No. or Letter Code & Color Nest
Aluminum Die Index No. or Letter Code & Color
For Use With Panduit Tools Panduit crimping tools: CT-930, CT-2930/L, CT-2930/LE, CT-930CH, CT-2940/L, CT-2940/LE, CT-940CH, CT-2931, CT-2931/E, CD-940-DA die adapter needed with CT-940CH and CT-2940 tools.
Copper Conductor Size Class 5F (mm²) 70
Copper Conductor Size Class 6F (mm²) 70
Part Features Nest and Indenter die termination
Required Indenter Die CDI-920-48
RoHS Compliancy Status RoHS directive is not applicable
Min. Order Qty. 1