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An image of Cable Tie Assortment Pack for Indoor and Outdoor Use, BT Ties

Assortment Pack for Indoor and Outdoor UseDome-Top® Barb Ty Cable Ties:Natural Nylon 6.6(15) BT1M(15) BT1.5I(15) BT2S(15) BT3SBlack Weather Resistant Nylon 6.6(10) BT1M-0(10) BT1.5I-0(10) BT2S-0(10) BT3S-0
Environment Indoor and Outdoor
Product Name Industrial Maintenance Kit
Standards Met UL Listed (file KODZ.E56854)
Description Cable Tie Assortment Pack for indoor and outdoor use made up of various Dome-Top® Barb Ty cable ties
Kit Contents (15) BT1M natural; (10) BT1M-0 black; (15) BT1.5I natural; (10) BT1.5I-0 black; (15) BT2S natural; (10) BT2S-0 black; (15) BT3S natural; (10) BT3S-0 black
Part Features Assorted indoor and outdoor use Dome-Top® Barb Ty Cable Ties
RoHS Compliancy Status RoHS directive is not applicable
Min. Order Qty. 1