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An image of Pocket Pouch Filled with Striped Cable Ties

White Vinyl pocket pouch filled with 250 cable ties (50 each: Blue, Orange, Green, Brown and Slate – all with White stripe)
Application General
Color Clear/White
Description Pocket pouch filled with 250 cable ties (50 of each color: blue, orange, green, brown, and slate – all with white stripe).
Environment Indoor
Installation Temperature -4°F (-20°C) - 32°F (0°C)
Max. Bundle Diameter (mm) 22
Min. Loop Tensile Strength (N) 80
Operating Temperature -76°F (-60°C) - 185°F (85°C)
Width (mm) 34.29
RoHS Compliancy Status RoHS directive is not applicable
Min. Order Qty. 1