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Realcomm 2010 "Digie” Award: Best Use of Automation – Corporate Real Estate

June 14, 2010 - 

Panduit was awarded the Digie in the category Best Use of Automation – Corporate Real Estate at Realcomm 2010 in Las Vegas. The Best Use of Automation Award was based on the following criteria: (1) forefront of thought leadership and innovation, and (2) a combination of different technologies that facilitates automation.
“What we look for are those corporate and commercial real estate owners and operators who have taken the chance to transform, to go to the next step and to integrate technology in the building environment to really create a new type of real estate,” said Jim Young, Realcomm President and Co-Founder. “In my global travels I’m proud to say, if people want to see one of the most advanced buildings in the world, they’re now going to need to travel to Chicago!”
Panduit’s new five-story, 280,000 ft2 World Headquarters building combines state-of-the-art visibility and control for all critical building systems focused on sustainable energy, operational cost savings and intelligent design features − all aligned under a single unified infrastructure. This approach to a Unified Physical Infrastructure℠ represents a dramatic leap forward in smart and healthy work environments, significantly reducing capital and operational expenses in buildings while enhancing productivity, safety, reliability, and sustainability.
“When designing the new headquarters, we leveraged our own Connected Building Solutions in the form of an intelligent, open standards infrastructure that extends throughout a property to both connect technology components and bridge stakeholder needs,” said Ron Partridge, Panduit Group VP of Global Sales, Solutions, and Marketing. “Realcomm and Panduit share a similar vision to connect, manage, and automate critical building systems to realize significant operational cost savings and enhance building efficiency and effectiveness.”