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Security Technology Executive 2010 “Security Innovation” Award

October 28, 2010 - 

Panduit was awarded "Security Technology Executive's" 2010 Security Innovation award for the deployment of its Unified Operations Center in its new World Headquarters building. Panduit was recognized for demonstrating the power of integrated, IP-based physical security solutions in their Unified Operations Center (UOC) to accelerate event detection and response, enable collaboration between safety agencies, and increase operational efficiency.



The awards honor the most innovative technologies, design strategies, and facility applications in the security industry, as selected by the media outlet and a panel of industry experts. The silver medalist award was presented to Panduit during the 2010 ASIS Conference in Dallas, TX. Based on its Unified Physical Infrastructure℠ (UPI) based Connected Building Solution, Panduit's unique UOC colocates the safety, security, network, and communications operations in a central location.


By leveraging an optimized physical infrastructure as the foundation to enable convergence across the enterprise, Panduit solutions help businesses improve reliability, reduce costs, heighten agility and support sustainability initiatives.


Panduit is realizing this vision of increased building system integration and automation in its UOC, a single location in the new World Headquarters building which combines SOC and NOC functions, enabling Panduit to manage the security of its global facilities from a central location," said Ron Partridge, Panduit Group VP of Global Sales, Solutions, and Marketing. "By integrating management of the network and physical security systems over a UPI-based physical infrastructure, Panduit's UOC allows data to be shared across a full spectrum of network, building system, and security applications for improved operational awareness and response.