building a smarter, unified business foundation

Higher Demands. Higher Expectations.

Government IT organizations face higher data center demands. They are challenged to improve network security and performance, increase energy efficiency and overcome budgetary constraints in a silo’ed legacy environment. A holistic approach to data center design, construction and management will position government data centers for future success.

Meet the growing demands of the public with a Unified Physical Infrastructure.
Panduit works with government agencies to create a Unified Physical Infrastructure, mapping physical-to-logical network architectures to create optimized solutions that help address sustainability and security requirements and provide flexibility to support future growth.
Panduit solutions enable:
Panduit is able to service all levels of U.S. government and military.
Through the GSA Schedule Program, Panduit has the ability to service all U.S. federal agencies, military and state and local governments (Schedule 70) with a comprehensive line of networking and electrical products. These products are listed in the GSA Schedule Program – by our qualified distribution partners – providing purchasing officers with flexibility and ease of ordering.  For more information visit GSA Advantage.

Panduit USA Government GSA Schedule Program Qualified Distribution Partners

AccuTech Systems (GS-35F-0499N)
Ace Electronics (GS-35F-0619W)
Anixter (GS-35F-0428X)
CSC (GS-35F-4748G)
Edwards Supply (GS-07F-0072V)
Gexpro (GS-35F-0237T)
Graybar (GS-21F-0003U and GS-35F-0374M)
H.L. Dalis (GS-35F-0237T)
Newark (GS-06F-0044M)
Shepherd Electric (GS-06F-0037R)
Western Extralite Company (GS-07F-0394T; GS-35F-0360U)