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Energy Efficient Data Center Cabinets

As business systems and applications become integrated, data centers are feeling the strain.  Consolidation and virtualization are forcing increased power and bandwidth into limited spaces. To manage the increased demand for power and cooling, the physical infrastructure must include energy efficient cabinets that accommodate high-density, high-heat loads in the data center.

Our energy efficient cabinets answer this need with a range of modular components that address power, cooling, space and cable management challenges.  In addition, Panduit collaborates with our global strategic alliances to ensure that our cabinets are optimized to enhance the performance of their switches, servers and storage equipment.

Simplify Your Infrastructure with Energy Efficient Cabinet Systems from Panduit

Panduit energy efficient cabinets consist of thermal solutions that are designed to maintain hot/cold air separation to improve cooling efficiency and reduce energy consumption. When combined with a well-designed cooling system, Panduit integrated thermal solution cabinets can help reduce data center energy costs by up to 40 percent*.

The  N-Series Cabinet System is specifically designed for higher density switch and server applications. It includes cable management and in-cabinet ducting options to promote proper airflow.

The  S-Series Cabinet System is designed to complement N-Series Cabinets to manage space requirements and provide a complete, optimized physical infrastructure solution for all server and Top of Rack switch architectures.

Net-Contain™ Passive Thermal Containment Systems– The Vertical Exhaust Duct (VED) channels the exhaust directly into the ceiling plenum or stratifies the hot and cold air where there is not a plenum, eliminating recirculation of hot exhaust air into the data center.

Net-Contain™ Cold Aisle Containment System (CAC) provides a physical separation between the cold air and the hot exhaust air by enclosing the cold aisle, thus supplying cooling air to the equipment intakes at a uniform temperature. By optimizing cold air/ hot air separation both systems eliminate hot air recirculation in the data center, allowing chilled water set points to be raised, significantly reducing cooling energy consumption.

In-Cabinet Ducting - For equipment that has unique airflow patterns, in-cabinet ducting can be used to optimize cooling system efficiency by establishing front-to-back airflow patterns throughout the cabinet. In-cabinet ducting prevents hot air recirculation within the cabinet, enabling reduced inlet temperatures for improved performance and cooling efficiency.

*This number is dependent upon various conditions. Speak to a Panduit representative for details.