building a smarter, unified business foundation

Optimize your infrastructure.

As a data center manager, you are challenged to meet Service Level Agreements, deliver projects on time and budget and position your organization for future success. Ongoing operational and reliability issues affect your ability to meet those objectives.
The physical infrastructure can have a significant impact on the performance, efficiency and reliability of your data center. As you begin your next data center project, take into consideration important infrastructure elements, including cable pathways, grounding and bonding, and identification systems, which help provide:
Align all the elements of your data center.
Panduit and our partners can help you make sure each element of your data center is properly installed and aligned to work together. This can mean the difference between prolonged network downtime or finding the problem before it occurs.
We will work with you to seamlessly integrate:
Panduit Advisory Services offers physical infrastructure assessments that help you provide a solid foundation. These assessments evaluate key components of your physical infrastructure, such as power availability, cooling capacity and efficiency, energy efficiency, cabinet placement, network connectivity, cable pathways, identification and labeling, and telecommunications grounding and bonding.
Assessment offerings include: