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Surface Raceway Routes, Conceals, and Protects Power, Network, and other Low-Voltage Cabling

Surface raceway products provide maximum flexibility for routing, protecting, and concealing high-performance copper, voice, video, fiber optic, and electrical wiring within any enterprise environment. Cable raceways are tamper resistant, offering increased safety benefits, discouraging unauthorized access, and protecting sensitive cabling from accidental damage and physical contact with electrical wiring.

Facility and IT network teams are being challenged to build up or remodel their enterprise buildings to provide an innovative and satisfying office environment; while maintaining the vision to allow for future business growth, enable new smart devices, and conserve limited resources.  Comprehensive Intelligent Enterprise Solutions from Panduit facilitate future business expansion and the deployment of new  network infrastructure solutions.

Integral part of enterprise applications
Surface mount raceway can be found inside  educational facilities; such as classrooms, laboratories, libraries, auditoriums, dorm rooms, and administrative offices.  Government buildings, as well as state and local municipalities, utilize raceway in administrative offices and open work areas. Military installations, such as U.S. Air Force bases, utilize raceway throughout their locations.  Healthcare offices including facilities, individual workstations, laboratories, and patient care areas employ raceway.




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