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End-to-End Network Infrastructure for Industrial Automation

From the Enterprise to the Edge

imageA rapid influx of smart equipment and connected devices that can communicate on an industrial Ethernet network is enabling manufacturers to understand the performance of their machines and processes like never before. Yet equally important to ‘what’ is being connected is ‘how’ it’s being connected within industrial automation. New technologies are enabling manufacturers to manage their infrastructure, deploy devices and share information in new ways.
Panduit Industrial Automation Infrastructure solutions adhere to network architectures such as CPwE, providing a reliable end-to-end network physical layer infrastructure—from the enterprise to the edge. Our integrated physical infrastructure building blocks, tools and design services simplify network deployment for better equipment optimization and broader risk management.
We will help you assess, design, deploy and manage industrial automation through a network infrastructure built around IT and OT physical layer standards that ensure performance engineered for fast, repeatable, and high-quality installations.


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