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Reduce Electrical Noise, Increase Network Performance.

The proliferation of high speed network switches, as well as power and servo motion systems, has introduced more noise onto the factory floor. In addition, cost pressures are driving the need to optimize and reduce the size of control panels. The result is increased electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) which can decrease network performance and result in lost productivity.  
After your factory automation project is complete, detecting EMI/RFI as the source of a problem is more difficult and time consuming. To reduce the effects of EMI, it is critical to integrate noise mitigation solutions into your design process. Together with our partners, Panduit will work with you to assess your needs and apply design best practices that reduce noise.

Stop interference with multi-layer shielding solutions.

The segregation of noise sources from susceptible devices stops interference. That’s why Panduit offers a multi-layer shielding for panel optimization solution that includes grounding, wiring duct, and shielded copper and fiber.




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