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CAD-Connect Labeling Software

CAD-Connect Labeling Software combines the power of an innovative wizard interview and Easy-Mark Labeling Software to capture and organize identifiers from electronic CAD files to automatically create and print labels.

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Easy-Mark Labeling Software | Identify Cable and Equipment | Panduit

Easy-Mark Labeling Software quickly and easily assists in creating identification solutions for data centers, network applications, panel shops, construction and maintenance applications.

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Easy-Mark Plus Labeling Software

Easy-Mark Plus Labeling Software provides all sorts of advanced features such as 'drag and drop' functionality and wizard tools to help you create customized labels to suit your specific needs.

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Easy Mark Plus Labeling Software

Hand-Held Thermal Transfer Printers

The PanTher LS8E and LS8EQ hand-held printers are uniquely equipped to produce high-quality printed labels for infrastructure identification in multiple applications.  To ensure optimum product performance, along with the latest technology, software upgrades are readily available through Panduit’s website.

PantherLink Software
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Industrial Uninterruptible Power Supply Firmware

Panduit Industrial UPS significantly lowers the risk of downtime associated with power interruptions to keep facilities’ critical equipment operating at full capacity. This no battery, maintenance-free device provides high availability back-up power without the high maintenance costs of traditional UPS devices. The compact size and network interface of the Panduit UPS allows for easy integration into control and equipment panels with superior ease of use for designers, operators and maintenance personnel.

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Label Selector / Ribbon Calculator

The Label Selector and Ribbon Calculator tools help you find the correct labels and ribbons for your application needs.  With the Label Selector tool you can specify a particular application or Panduit hardware part number to find the correct label part number for a variety of network applications such as cables, patch panels, outlets, punchdown blocks, and jack modules.  Label recommendations are provided for Desktop Thermal Transfer printers, Laser or Inkjet printers, and the LS8E/LS8EQ Hand-Held printers.  The Ribbon Calculator tools allows you to enter the label part number and amount of labels needed either by roll or label, to find the correct ribbon part number and amount of ribbons needed for your application.  If you need any additional assistance please contact our Technical Support Group @ 866-871-4571 or via email at

Thermal Transfer Printer Ribbon Calculator
Label Selector Tool

Laser and Inkjet Label Templates

Templates have been created for our Laser / Inkjet printable labels if you do not have the EasyMark software.  The templates use Microsoft Word, and are in a table design.
After you have downloaded the template, be sure to save it to your computer for future use.
If you need any additional assistance please contact our Technical Support Group @ 866-871-4571 or via email at

Component Label Templates
Wire Marking Label Templates
Laser Inkjet Labels Linecard
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Pan-Mark Labeling Software

The serialization, bar code, and graphic import options of Pan-Mark Labeling Software streamline the process of careful labeling.

Pan-Mark Labeling Software User's Manual
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TDP42HY TDP43HY and TDP46HY Thermal Transfer Desktop Printers

These high-speed, industrial printers ( TDP42HY, TDP43HY, and TDP46HY) are designed for use with a wide variety of self-laminating labels, component labels, non-laminated labels, marker plates, continuous tapes and heat shrink labels up to 4.00” wide; Easy-Mark Labeling Software and hybrid ribbon included.

TDP42HY, TDP43HY, TDP46HY Operator Manual
Printer Driver for TDP42 43 46HY
TDP42HY, TDP43HY, TDP46HY Printer Driver Installation
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TDP43HE and TDP46HE Thermal Transfer Desktop Printers

These rugged, high speed industrial printers (TDP43HE, TDP46HE) create crisp, clear legends with superior legibility at Up to 10" per second print speed. Use them to print a wide variety of self-laminating labels, component labels, non-laminated labels, marker plate, continuous tapes and heat shrink labels up to 4.00" wide. Easy-Mark™ Labeling Software and hybrid ribbon included with printer.

TDP43HE TDP46HE User Manual
TDP43HE and TDP46HE Printer Drivers
TDP43HE and TDP46HE Product Bulletin
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TDP43ME Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer

The TDP43ME Desktop Printer, with its durable construction, compact size and included Easy-Mark Labeling Software, provides simple setup as well as easy operation and use with all Panduit thermal transfer label media.

TDP43ME Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer Product Bulletin D-IDCB69
Thermal Transfer TDP43ME Desktop Printer-Quick Reference Card
TDP43ME Firmware Update
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TDP43MY Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer

The TDP43MY Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer is capable of producing component labels, safety and facility markers, and self-laminating, heat shrink and vinyl cloth wire/cable markers.

TDP43MY Desktop Printer Product Bulletin
Instruction Manual for TDP43MY Printer
TDP43MY Printer Driver
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