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Digital mapping for network cables – RapidID

Secure and efficient network documentation via app

FRANKFURT AM MAIN, 16.02.2023 – Panduit introduces the novel RapidID system for network cables, which allows network infrastructure cabling to be digitally archived and documented even faster and more cleverly. RapidID Network Mapping Systems save up to 50% in time and cost for the documentation of patch cables. Network technicians and installers use the pre-labelled patch cables and the RapidID Bluetooth-enabled hand-held scanner to enable patch connections. These can be documented quickly and, if needed to be traced more easily later.

This innovative solution simplifies the time-consuming and error-prone process of patch cable documentation and helps to minimise or avoid network failures. RapidID is compelling as a practical alternative to previous procedures. The documentation created with RapidID is an ideal solution for the construction of a new technical room, the localisation of patch connections or when replacing a network switch. Faulty patch connections can be detected in the shortest possible time.

The basic element of the RapidID solution is the factory-labelled patch cable from Panduit. At both ends of the patch cable there are one-to-one identification labels that are read with the Bluetooth-enabled hand scanner and assigned to the hardware in the RapidID app. The addressing of the labels consists of a 12-digit barcode and the letters "A" and "B", which define the beginning and end of the cable. This allows common network tasks of labelling, tracing and maintenance/troubleshooting to be automated in two simple steps. In the first step, one makes the patch connections with the factory-labelled patch cables. In the second step, the labels of the patch cords are scanned with the Bluetooth scanner into the RapidID app. During scanning, the patch cables are assigned to the defined patch field/switch port. The read-in data can be conveniently exported and safely processed further. Manual, error-prone data entry is no longer necessary. Patch connections can be quickly and easily traced, corrected or eliminated for troubleshooting or when patch work is required. To do this, one end of the patch cable is scanned, the documented connection is displayed in the RapidID and the second end can be checked. The app displays "PASS" or "FAIL". Conclusion: Panduit's RapidID solution reduces the time required for network documentation, and for troubleshooting and incidental patching. The time-consuming and error-prone manual documentation is no longer necessary.

Digital mapping for network cables – RapidID
About Panduit

For more than 60 years, Panduit has been the world’s leading provider of innovative solutions in the field of physical and electrical infrastructure for data centres, industrial and building automation and related services. Headquartered in Tinley Park, Illinois, USA with offices in 112 locations worldwide, Panduit stands for quality and innovative technologies. The family-owned company with more than 5,500 qualified employees generates sales in the billion Euro range worldwide. Panduit owes its outstanding market position to the constant striving for innovation and the untiring commitment of its employees. The global player invests above average in research and development, in first class production, in the best possible support of its sales channels and in excellent customer service. This, combined with a strong partner network, is the prerequisite for comprehensive support, sustainability and solid corporate growth in the networked world of today and tomorrow.

Press Contact

Patrick-Steeven Skwara
Marketing Manager
Tel. +49 6196 78530 27

Martin Kandziora
Senior Marketing Manager EMEA 
Tel. +49 6196 78530 46