Industrial Reference Architecture

Validated Architecture Drawings

Converged Plantwide Ethernet (CPwE) is the underlying architecture that provides standard network services for control and information disciplines, devices, and equipment found in modern IACS applications. Successful deployment depends on a robust physical infrastructure network design that addressed environmental, performance, and security challenges with best practices from Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT). The below examples provide design and implementation guidance that supports proven and flexible logical CPwE architecture designed to optimize industrial network performance.

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Industrial Zone Connection (CPFL82)

Physical Redundant Star Connection (CPFL85)

Physical Ring Connection (CPFL86)

Physical Linear On-Machine Connection (CPFL84)

Physical Dual Ring Connection (CPFL83)

Level 3 Site Operations (CPFL88)

Popular Configuration Drawings

Popular Configuration Drawings (PCDs) demonstrate typical industrial automation designs. The below examples include a Bill of Materials (BOM) and best practice solutions with illustrated design considerations. Reference these drawings when upgrading an existing network or beginning a new network design to improve network reliability and performance.



Industrial Network Deployment (PCD001)

Connected Control Panel (PCD004)

Industrial Distribution Frame (PCD010)

Deploying Industrial Ethernet Switch on Machine (PCD002)

Micro Data Center (PCD007)

Industrial Network Grounding and Bonding (PCD011)

Fiber Switch Ring Deployment of High Availability (PCD003)

Industrial Copper Cabling (PCD009)

Motor Control Center (PCD012)