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Industrial Automation Technical Resources

Thank you for your interest in Panduit Industrial Automation Infrastructure solutions. Please browse our articles and white papers by topic to help Simplify Robust Network Deployment.

Modernizing the Industrial Ethernet Network with Increased Visibility

This article explains how organizations in the industrial automation industry can achieve increased visibility into the Ethernet connectivity to proactively detect, diagnose and resolve potential disruptions, while ultimately reducing cost, increasing productivity and ensuring continuous uptime.

Increasing Plant Level Awareness of the Industrial Plant Floor

This white paper discusses the need for manufacturing facilities to increase real-time visibility of the industrial network to determine and resolve connectivity issues while increasing time and cost savings.

A Manufacturing Network Fabric Maturity Model

This white paper discusses the importance of the network fabric in today?s information-enabled manufacturing environments, outlines the steps that proactive manufacturers can take to capture its full value for years to come and describes a four-stage methodology for improving an existing network to a higher maturity level.

IIoT Tactical Brief

Featuring five IIoT topics: ""Research Advances on The Internet of Things"", ""From Smart Manufacturing to Manufacturing Smart"", ""Network of the Future"", ""Top 3 Reasons You Need Industrial Network Training"" and ""The Internet of Things and the Importance of Modeling and Simulation""

Building an Infrastructure that Enables IoT Tactical Brief

Featuring five important IoT topics: ""Constructive Disruption: A Vision of Smart Manufacturing"", ""Improve Industrial Ethernet Network Uptime"", ""How to be Sure Your Network is Futureproof"", ""The Plant of the Future: Seven Key Elements Industrial IP Advantage"", and ""The Evolving Automation Architecture""

Automation Zone - The Evolving Automation Architecture

Equipment assets need to be connected to the plantwide enterprise to unlock data and allow for wider scale and more innovative analytic approaches. This plantwide network fabric is critical for advancing IoT.

Designing for Reliable Networks

Next Level Network Integration Tactical Brief

Featuring five topics: ""The Challenge of IT/OT Convergence in Manufacturing"", ""Is Integrated Safety Acceptable Now?"", ""4 Reasons Why Time Sensitive Networking Matters"", ""Secure and Stable Networks for Connected Automation"", ""Industrial Ethernet Diagnostics""

Reduce Network Complexity Tactical Brief

Will your existing, reliable, proprietary network configurations be degraded in a network update? Find out how to prepare your system integration project for the accelerating IoT transition, and see how other automation companies are developing Ethernet network upgrades.

Physical Infrastructure for a Resilient CPwE Architecture

This paper specifically focuses on the physical infrastructure deployment for CPwE using best practices and a building block approach from Panduit. The methodology is reflected in the physical infrastructure details that complement A Resilient Converged Plantwide Ethernet Architecture, a white paper by Rockwell Automation and Cisco.

Decrease downtime to speed production and control costs, while increasing network reliability and performance – Case Study

Learn how Marcegaglia standardized connectivity solutions to speed communications, decrease downtime, and control costs, while promoting integration and interoperability between IT and OT.

Down to the Wire – Building a Resilient Network Infrastructure

Enterprise applications, plant floor software, asset management and quality control applications, predictive analytics, and virus protection systems need a reliable network to work effectively.

Important Considerations for Scaling Your Plant Network

Understand the network topology and physical infrastructure needed to converge your information and control systems for better network visibility beyond the plant floor.

Optimizing Control Panel Layouts for Noise Mitigation

The electrical noise emmited form sources such as Pulse Width Modulation drives, power supplies, and hard switched inductive loads can adversely affect system efficiency and uptime by interfering with analog signals, Industrial Ethernet transmissions, and programmable logic controller programs.

Reduced Downtime and Improved Reliability for Oil and Gas Processing - Case Study

An upgraded network system is critical to a company's overall business operations to alleviate loss in profitability, meet customer agreements, and to maintain compliance with industry regulations.

Reduced Downtime, Increased Network Uptime for a Major Metal Processor - Case Study

Case Studies highlights how an Integrated Network Zone System provides a secure network environment with high availability, scalability for future changes and upgrades, and adherence to budget constraints.

Factory Floor Network Reliability Tactical Brief

The trend across the manufacturing and process industries is clear: Network users expect higher reliability, faster speeds and wireless connectivity.

How to Enhance Cabling Infrastructure Tactical Brief

A structured approach to designing, simplifying and improving the industrial network.

Arc Flash and Electrical Safety

This white paper highlights the changes to the 2012 edition of NFPA 70E, defining the risks associated with arc flash hazards and identifying Panduit solutions available to help reduce arc flash incidents and optimize worker safety.

Physical Infrastructure Solutions for Grounding and Bonding

Ensure a Reliable Connection with the Panduit® StructuredGround Direct Burial Compression Grounding System

Scaling the Plant Network: An Approach to Industrial Network Convergence

This white paper describes how Panduit Industrial Network Deployment Solutions can improve reliability, security, and safety of Industrial Automation systems and offer up to 30% reduction in deployment costs and 75% savings in deployment time.

Space Optimization for Control Panels

This white paper explores solutions from Panduit and Pentair that can help save up to 40% of control panel space in comparison to conventional approaches. It presents options for reducing enclosure size by fitting more equipment into existing enclosures, which provides greater design flexibility and cost savings to the equipment and panel builder.

Structured and Point to Point Network Cabling for Industrial Automation

Identifying the considerations associated with structured and point to point cabling methods for Ethernet deployments.

Factory Floor Network Deployment Tactical Brief

Deploying Fiber Optic Networks: As industrial networks get larger and the equipment on these networks perform more complex tasks at higher speeds, there's a growing need for more bandwidth.

3 Steps to Effectively Manage the Plant Floor Network

This white paper explores three best practices for determining what to measure so management and operations can effectively and efficiently run the entire industrial network.

Plant Floor Traffic - Tactical Brief

Tactical brief includes articles and solutions to help manage plant floor traffic.

Optimizing Control Panel Layouts for Noise Mitigation

The electrical noise emmited form sources such as Pulse Width Modulation drives, power supplies, and hard switched inductive loads can adversely affect system efficiency and uptime by interfering with analog signals, Industrial Ethernet transmissions, and programmable logic controller programs.

Control Panel Optimization Tactical Brief

Key areas to focus on to help you optimize your control panels are space optimization, noise mitigation, environmental protection, security and safety.

A Zone Approach for Energy and Physical Infrastructure Management

This white paper focuses on the interdependencies between distinct operational ""zones"" within facilities, data centers and enterprise operations using DCIM solutions.

Solutions for Industrial Automation: Introduction to the Micro Data Center

The Micro Data Center is designed to provide the link between the Corporate and the Industrial Networks. The industrial network is the fundamental backbone for data collection and transmission to points of use.

Control Panel Optimization: Five Key Elements to Consider

Five Key Elements to Consider when designing control panels are space optimization, noise mitigation, environmental protection, security and safety.

Control Panel Security: Identifying and Mitigating Security Risks

Businesses rely on data streams from electrical and electronic enclosures, networking cabinets, and human machine interface (HMI) systems to run their operations, so network managers are increasingly concerned about equipment access and network security.

Environmental Protection of Control Panels: Overview and Standards Compliance

End users rely on a control panel enclosure to protect vital controls and the control panel infrastructure, and eliminate unnecessary risks of downtime or personnel injury. Several environmental factors such as corrosive environments, substance infiltration (e.g., water, dust and oil), electrical noise, and temperature, can have a harmful effect on a control panel.

Neutralizing Control Panel Hazards: Energizing Employee Safety

Balancing workers' safety, productivity and equipment optimization requires a disciplined approach that starts with a strong safety infrastructure.

Noise Mitigation for Control Panels: Managing Electromagnetic Interference Risks

EMI risks increase as a result of competing needs to add more networked components and power devices while attempting to minimize the control panel footprint to reduce panel costs.

Protecting Control Panels in Indoor and Washdown Environments

This white paper addresses the environmental protection of control panels. The intent is to provide guidance on the risks involving environmental applications, and offer solutions for indoor and washdown environmental issues.

Protecting Control Panels in Outdoor Environments

Determining whether an enclosure needs a cooling system, corrosion resistance, and a water or dust-tight seal will allow design/controls engineers to select the proper enclosure and material to provide the appropriate level of equipment protection against the outdoor elements.

Increase Operational Efficiency Tactical Brief

Featuring five topics ""Maintenance Isn't and Expense: It's and Investment,"" ""Increasing Plant-Level Awareness of the Industrial Network,"" ""3 Steps to Effectively Manage the Plant Floor Network"", ""Manufacturing Data as a Motivation and Empowerment Tool,"" and ""The Value of Looking Within.""

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