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IntraVUE™ Industrial Network Visualization and Analytics

Download Links and Instructions


Steps for Upgrade

  1. Create a backup.
  2. Run the installer and reply "Yes" to replacing MySQL.
  3. Restore the backup you made before the installation.

Download Windows Installer for IntraVUE 3.2.0
Download for Appliance/Agent/Plug
Download Appliance Tools 3.2.0

Once you have installed/upgraded IntraVUE software, and it has run for at least one day, and you believe the configuration is correct, we strongly urge you to go to the 24x7 database analysis site, and create a detailed maintenance report. The results are sent to you in the form of a PDF document.


Registration and Renewal Process

Registration of IntraVUE a software-based license that will begin after IntraVUE has been installed. Upon installation, refer to the below process. For renewing annual support with your software, you may simply follow this same process with the exception of step 7, which can be omitted.

Register or Update IntraVUE 

  1. Invoke IntraVUE from your desktop or open an internet browser and enter in the address bar and press enter.
  2. Click > Configure > Login as user "admin" > password "intravue".
  3. The Registration link will immediately appear.
  4. Copy the KEYCODE number. You'll need this number in the next step.
  5. Obtain an IntraVUE registration code from the IntraVUE™ User Web-Based Registration by clicking "here" next to "To get a registration code" or entering this address into a second tab
  6. Within the web registration form, Enter your Email Address, Organization, KEY CODE, PRODUCT KEY and SERVICE CODE (As Provided by Panduit with your purchase). Click "Submit Query".
  7. Copy the returned “Registration Code” into the Registration Code field in the IntraVUE "REGISTRATION" page. This activates IntraVUE to enable monitoring of Automation Networks.
  8. Copy the "Product Key" into the "PRODUCT KEY" field in IntraVUE "REGISTRATION" page. This activates the IntraVUE product itself.
  9. Copy the “Service Contract Code” into the “SERVICE CODE” field in the IntraVUE REGISTRATION page. This activates the KPI system and other add-on features of IntraVUE provided for customers under Support. If target software is not currently under support, the “Service Contract Code” field will remain blank.
  10. Click 'Submit Registration'. At the top of the REGISTRATION page should show something “Your registration has been completed successfully”. If it does not, call Tech Support at +1 866.405.6654.

    Note: Your Product Key might be rejected by the web registration system for several reasons. See this knowledge base article for more details: KB4473
    Note: Make sure there are no trailing blank spaces as this will prevent the IntraVUE User Web-Based Registration from completing your request successfully.

    Reference the Installation & Registration page for more installation details


Installation and Upgrade Instructions for Windows Based Systems

Prior to a new install or upgrading an existing install of IntraVUE, be sure you have an active support contract or subscription. This is required for product key registration. Contact your local distributor for renewal. 

If upgrading from an earlier version of IntraVUE we recommend you create a Support Archive before you run the latest IntraVUE install as you could lose your recent changes. See Generate Support Archive.

  1. Download the latest Windows Installer for IntraVUE 3.1.2, found above.
  2. On the welcome screen, click "Next".
  3. Click "I Agree" to the License Agreement.
  4. Select "Install" for Choose Install Location. 
  5. You will receive a notice to make a back up of your current database.
  6. Accept this and the follow-up prompt when you have completed the backup, if appropriate.
  7. Select “Yes” to use IntraVUE with a software license key. (If you have a USB dongle select "No")
  8. A Java Setup - Welcome window will appear whenever Java is not installed on the machine. Click "Install", close and done. Accept "restore security prompts" if asked. Let IntraVUE installation continue. You maybe prompted by Java to update. Ignore as IntraVUE will install a 32-bit version of Java automatically.
  9. Reply “Yes” to launch an Internet Browser pointing the IntraVUE client
  10. Once the browser window launches, you see the IntraVUE logo at the top, this verifies your installation performed successfully.
  11. You can open IntraVUE in any compatible browser such as IE 11, Chrome or Firefox. See IntraVUE v3 System Requirements for details.

Troubleshooting Tips:

- Ensure the IntraVUE 3 URL ( appears in the URL address bar and is on trusted sites on the security tab of IE's Tools > Internet Options (uncheck 'only use https'). This helps pop-up dialogs appear.
- If you are being redirected to the old URL in Internet Explorer you either have an IE version earlier than v11 or you need to reset your browser settings from >Tools > Options > Advanced > Reset Internet Settings and reboot.
- In the Windows services (Start > Run > services.msc) make sure the services are running: 'Apache Tomcat etomcat', 'Auto-Ip Server', 'Autoip Ping Daemon', 'Mysql'.
- If you get a white/blank screen when you browse to IntraVUE in Internet Explorer, remove (or IntraVUE host's ip address) from the websites listed under Tools > Compatibility View Settings > "Websites you've added to Compatibility View".
It is required to install the included 32-bit Java JRE included with the IntraVUE software install since the IntraVUE Scanner does not support running on 64-bit Java JRE.
- We recommend you set Java to NEVER update. IntraVUE software does not support 64-bit Java.
- Microsoft Windows update could stop some services from fully starting. The IntraVUE services will try to restart themselves for about 3 minutes but the Microsoft messages such as "please do not turn off the computer while updates are applied" stop some of the IntraVUE services from starting. In the Windows services (Start > Run > services.msc) start these services if they are not running: 'apache tomcat etomcat', 'autoip ping daemon', 'mysql'.

Reference the New Installation page for more installation details.
Reference the Release Notes page for a history of software releases.

To access help files, visit
To contact Technical Support, email or calling 866-405-6654.