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2020: Network Infrastructure Year in Review

Jan 2021
Enterprise Industrial Automation Industrial Network

It has become somewhat of a cliché to refer to these as “unprecedented times,” but that is exactly what we have all been experiencing. Children and pets have become coworkers, couches and kitchen tables have become workstations, virtual meetings have become the norm, and "you're on mute" is forever engrained in the minds of many. The pandemic has altered our traditional work way of life. This change has shown that we are all stronger than we knew, more flexible than we imagined, and can be resilient in times of struggle.

We all found new, creative ways to keep business moving forward and stay connected with partners, customers, clients, and everyone in between. One thing we have learned is if we stick together and continue to stay motivated, change can be good and gives us a new perspective.

Fortunately, a new year is here! As we look forward to big things happening in 2021, let's take a look back at 2020.

New Products

While the pandemic slowed us in many ways, Panduit was full steam ahead in launching products to enable a robust physical infrastructure for our customers. Here are just some of the new products that are now available:

Panduit Single Pair Ethernet Connector

  • SmartZone™ G5 415v Power Distribution Unit (PDU) - The SmartZone™ G5 iPDU is more than a power distribution unit and energy meter. These iPDUs monitor the data center power and environment (at the rack or cabinet level), by continuously scanning for electrical circuit overloads, and physical environmental conditions that place critical IT equipment at risk.
  • Vari-MaTriX HD Cat6A Copper Cable - With a 0.230” diameter, the Category 6A Vari-MaTriX HD is equivalent in size to a Category 6 cable. Upgrading from Category 6 to 6A is simplified as the Vari-Matrix HD increases cable fill up to 35% and can utilize existing Category 6-sized pathways.
  • Single Pair Ethernet - Panduit launched our new Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) cabling and connectivity technology during Automation Fair AT HOME, as well as had the opportunity to present a tech session focused on SPE applications and implementation. It enables TCP/IP communications to the last sensor on the network through powerful simplification of the Ethernet physical layer from 4 pair cabling to a single twisted pair.

Top 2020 Content

While many technology trends have been talked about for years, 2020 has presented an opportunity for these trends to be accelerated and widely utilized. Below are a few top trends that Panduit has embraced, providing industry-trusted solutions, as well as content that our customers have found valuable:

Panduit & Atlona AV Solutions

  • Edge Computing - Edge network architectures move compute, storage, and analytics near the point of data generation; proximate to the end uses. This evolution of the network realizes numerous benefits, chief among them reduced latency, improved application performance, and optimized transmission costs. Check out our solution guide to learn the critical nature of infrastructure at the edge.
  • Single Pair Ethernet - Single-Pair Ethernet is a new-to-the-world technology that is a game-changer for building systems cabling, where the bandwidth requirements aren’t as demanding as data communications but there is still a need for a single network to support many disparate systems. To learn about the promise of Single Pair Ethernet, read our white paper here.
Innovative AV Solutions From Panduit and Atlona Brochure
  • AV Solutions - Panduit has made it easy to deploy an AV system over structured cabling, with a market-leading end-to-end solution from a single supplier. Active devices from Atlona, a Panduit company, are the core of the AV system, and are supported by Panduit’s robust, reliable infrastructure portfolio to deliver flexible, scalable AV applications. Click here to view Panduit and Atlona's innovative AV solutions.


In-person events were quickly shifted to all digital, cancelled, or rescheduled. While we missed being able to meet with customers and partners face-to face and share product offerings like the SmartZone PDU, Cat6A UTP Field Term Plug, and the IntraVue Edge. Here's a glimpse of some of our favorite events this past year:

  • What's Now & What's Next - Key Insights into Proven Solutions - Panduit hosted our own online summit on November 4th that included a roundtable discussion with subject matter experts about future trends and technologies and interactive sessions with trusted partners. On-demand recordings from this event are available – check them out here.
  • BICSI Fall - Panduit and General Cable hosted a joint booth to display our PanGen technology and solutions including digital building, copper cabling or fiber optic cabling, AV, as well as racks and cable management products.
  • Automation Fair AT HOME - The Rockwell Automation and Panduit strategic alliance helps develop a secure, future-ready physical network infrastructure for industrial environments. In our virtual booth, we featured trends and technology like network modernization, Single Pair Ethernet (SPE), smart control panel, and much more. Our tech session during the virtual event on SPE applications and implementations is available on-demand here.


We wish you a very happy and prosperous new year! Stay connected with Panduit on social media to learn about our products, solutions, projects and events.


Ashley Michalski

Ashley is the Regional Marketing Manager for Network Infrastructure at Panduit Corp.