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Cisco & Panduit: Driving Sustainability in the Data Center

Jun 2023
Data Center
Data center manager accessing the Cisco Nexus dashboard monitoring Panduit iPDUs

According to the McKinsey Company’s article, “Investing in the rising data center economy,” U.S. data center power demand is growing at roughly 10% a year through 2030. Applications such as AI are driving the need for more compute power and higher network speeds in data centers. And according to IDC, in Q4 2022 high-speed switch revenue sales grew rapidly; 200/400Gbps grew over 300%, 100Gbps at 19%, and 25/50Gbps at 30%.

Furthermore, the Uptime Institute’s 2022 Global Data Center Survey reveals that power and network issues account for 58% of data center outages and 63% of data center operators believe they will be required to publicly report on environmental sustainability metrics in the next five years.

Sustainability is a Main Focus for Data Center Operators

That’s a lot to process. To summarize, rising energy and material costs, escalating power requirements, and impending regulations have intensified the urgency surrounding sustainability. Data center operators must also support growing compute and network demands while ensuring availability to keep the lights on.

Let me explain why Cisco and Panduit, together, are uniquely positioned to help organizations navigate through all these requirements. Cisco and Panduit have collaborated over the years to help organizations manage network transitions over the last 20-plus years, and now we have extended our collaboration beyond network infrastructure into the strategic area of power and sustainability.

Integration of Panduit iPDUs and Cisco Nexus Dashboard

At Cisco Live 2023, we announced integration of our intelligent PDU (iPDU) with Cisco Nexus Dashboard. The integration of Cisco Nexus Dashboard and Panduit's iPDU will equip customers with the necessary data to accelerate their sustainability roadmap, regardless of whether they are just beginning or are well along their journey to achieving Net Zero.

We have provided streamlined onboarding of Panduit iPDUs into Nexus Dashboard Sustainability Insights. Through this integration, customers will be able to monitor energy cost, usage, and sustainability metrics at a site, equipment, and even PDU outlet level. Organizations will be armed with actionable insights to reduce costs and optimize their sustainability strategies.

Onboarded Panduit iPDU in Nexus Dashboard:


Panduit iPDU level details in Nexus Dashboard:


Panduit iPDU outlet level details in Nexus Dashboard:


Cisco and Panduit are committed to providing complimentary solutions and architectures that enable resilient and scalable high-speed networks, while delivering end-to-end network and power visibility to help organizations accelerate their sustainability journey.

To see our many network infrastructure reference architectures, white papers, and user guides, as well as, learn about our iPDU integration with Cisco Nexus Dashboard Sustainability Insights please go to or to learn more.  You can also sign-up here to be first to know of any announcements we make for the launch of our integrated solution.




Mark Hwang

Mark Hwang is in Global Business Development at Panduit and specializes in technology alliances. Mark connects people, ideas, technology, and capabilities to drive growth and innovation through partner ecosystems to deliver customer value.