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Panduit Leads the Way in Safety and Compliance with CSA-Certified Cable Cleats

Nov 2023
IC/MRO Data Center
Cable cleats products wire protection in an oil and gas factory

In the dynamic landscape of electrical and network infrastructure solutions, Panduit, a global industry leader, is making headlines once again. We have recently embarked on a comprehensive testing program for our cable cleats, aligning them with the latest technical standards set forth by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). This significant initiative underlines Panduit's unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge, secure, and reliable solutions that cater to the ever-evolving demands of the industry.

The focal point of this endeavor is the adherence to the recently published CSA standard, C22.2 No.61914:23 Cable Cleats for Electrical Installations, unveiled in early October 2023. By subjecting its cable cleats to rigorous testing in line with this standard, Panduit aims to ensure that its products meet the highest industry benchmarks for compatibility, safety, and performance. Achieving compliance with CSA standards is not just a testament to quality; it also signifies alignment with the stringent safety requirements in Canada.

Our Cable Cleats, recognized for their critical role in supporting and securing cables, contribute significantly to ensuring the safety and integrity of electrical and network installations across diverse applications, from industrial settings to commercial environments. With the newfound CSA conformance, these Cable Cleats are set to be acknowledged as meeting the most rigorous safety and performance standards in the region. Furthermore, they will boast full conformance to the latest edition of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard, solidifying their status as a global industry benchmark.

John Buck, Panduit Vice President of Electrical Infrastructure, expressed enthusiasm about the achievement, stating, "We are always thrilled to achieve these prestigious certifications for our Cable Cleat offering. Safety and quality have always been at the core of our mission, and obtaining these certifications further validates our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that customers can rely on."

This move comes at a pivotal moment as Panduit looks to expand its presence not only in North America but also globally. The newly certified Cable Cleats are poised to become integral components in reliable infrastructure projects spanning various industries. As businesses increasingly recognize the importance of adhering to the highest safety and performance standards, Panduit is well-positioned to meet and exceed these expectations.

For those eager to learn more about Panduit and its CSA-certified Cable Cleat solutions, a wealth of information is available at The website serves as a valuable resource for industry professionals seeking reliable, innovative, and compliant solutions for their electrical and network infrastructure needs.


Andrew Booth

An apprentice trained draughtsman and engineer. Have worked in several sectors of industry including construction and precision engineering. A Masters degree from York University U.K. a Chartered Engineer , a Fellow of the Institute of Engineering , a Senior Member of IEEE. Currently leading the global Cable Cleat Business unit at Panduit.