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A Deeper Look at the Panduit SmartZone™ G5 Intelligent Power Distribution Unit

Nov 2022
Power Distribution
PDU Overview Series Screen

Panduit has recently released a short video series that overview the features and benefits of the SmartZone Intelligent G5 PDU. The videos take viewers on an in-depth look from both inside and outside a data center cabinet. In addition, the videos highlight some of its essential accessories.

About the Intelligent G5 PDU

Because of its high outlet densities and small form factors, Panduit SmartZone G5 Intelligent Power Distribution Unit (iPDU) is still one of the best and most advanced PDUs on the market. It was created with the goal of monitoring and correcting inefficiencies of the Data Center. In addition, it also focuses on reclaiming underutilized power at the rack or cabinet level. The PDU monitors the power and overall environment in data centers by continuously scanning for electrical circuit overloads and physical environmental conditions. It is important to know these conditions to determine what critical IT equipment may be at risk.

Mark Dehmlow, a Senior Business Development Manager within states,

"Data center environments are changing, and this is driven primarily by the adoption of hybrid IT strategies among IT organizations."

Intelligent infrastructure is needed to be able to traverse the hybrid IT data center environment that is quickly becoming more popular. Panduit G5 intelligent PDU enables the capabilities that are now required to support distributed data centers—it can remotely manage and monitor various environmental conditions, physical security, and energy usage. To learn more about the role that the intelligent PDU plays in the hybrid IT data center, watch this video. And to learn more about how you can control your high-density data center infrastructure, click here.

Accessories and Features

An additional accessory to Panduit Intelligent G5 PDU is the SmartZone Security Handle, which safely secures data within cabinets. Panduit wanted to avoid managing biometric data due to privacy concerns; therefore, they created the Security Handle that completely avoids biometrics. This most advanced intelligent handle has dual authentication that includes a dual-frequency RFID card reader and a keypad, both of which are directly integrated into the handle. All handles also have a beacon to help locate cabinets in busy data cabinet halls while also informing you of a cabinet’s health. To learn more about the SmartZone Security Handle, click here.

Some of the videos within the series explain specific features that all Panduit PDUs possess. All G5 PDUs are designed with premium high-temperature components that enable them to reach an operating temperature of 60 degrees Celsius or 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Another key feature of the PDU is the controller. The controller itself is hot swappable, meaning that the controller can be removed, replaced, and reoriented as needed while never losing power, which helps save on time and mitigate risk. The controller features a high-visibility OLED display, a status LED light, a 1 gigabit ethernet port that results in additional labor savings, a USB port for firmware updates and uploading configuration, and serial ports that allow the daisy chain of four PDUs together, which opens 32 additional environmental sensor ports under a single IP address. To learn more about the various features within the intelligent G5 PDU controller, click here.

Data Collection

Additionally, all of Panduit PDUs include a multidevice Web GUI. When you log into the interface, a dashboard will appear containing all the vital information regarding your data cabinet. This includes information on power, environment, and security. There are various icons at the top of the interface that take you to different menus. Some of the menu items include identification, outlet control and management, languages, various logs, and numerous system settings. To learn more about the Web GUI, click here.

Jeff Paliga, Director of Business Development, states,

"When it comes to data centers and IT systems, everybody wants to have access to data, but more importantly, they want to have access to the right data to improve their business decisions and help increase efficiencies and improve performance."

Panduit G5 PDUs help facilitate data collection and the associative reporting process. This allows you to become more knowledgeable about performance. As previously mentioned, the G5 PDUs by Panduit monitor, collect, and report on a multitude of topics. The corresponding SmartZone Cloud Software allows you to customize your operating parameters. You can pick and choose your desired aspects, which makes the entire system completely modular and scalable. To learn more about data collection, watch this video.

To view all the videos in the video series, click here. And to learn more about Panduit’s Intelligent PDU offering, visit this webpage.


Frank Mazzuca