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Utility Grade Infrastructure: Just What Your Smart Building Needs

Apr 2022
Enterprise Smart Buildings

The move to smarter buildings has been a long time coming but is picking up steam. A new study from Juniper Research finds that the number of buildings deploying smart building technologies will reach 115 million by 2026 – more than double the 45 million expected this year.


As more systems and sensors converge on Ethernet, the infrastructure that supports that network is more vital than ever. In support of that, Wesco (formerly Anixter) launched the Utility Grade Infrastructure program (UTG). UTG provides third-party certification – by UL – that supported cabling infrastructure meets the higher demands of a smart building.

Utility Grade Infrastructure Program

Panduit is pleased to announce that we have joined the UTG program as an Innovation Partner! UTG is a technology platform and assurance program that delivers UTG-rated cabling solutions to support specific applications, performance requirements, and life cycle needs for smart buildings.

Extended Transmission Benefits

Through the program, a selection of Panduit copper cables have been third-party tested and verified to meet superior performance attributes. One of the primary benefits of UTG-rated infrastructure is the extended transmission reach of copper channels: up to 185 meters instead of the industry-standard 100-meter channel length. See the below chart for more examples of the length benefits of UTG cabling.

Transmission Distance UTG10 UTG20
Maximum horizontal distance at 10Mbps 185m (606 ft.) 185m (606 ft.)
Maximum horizontal distance at 100Mbps 150m (492 ft.) 150m (492 ft.)
Maximum horizontal distance at 1Gbps 100m (328 ft.) 100m (328 ft.)
Maximum horizontal distance at 10Gbps 50m (164 ft.) 100m (328 ft.)
UTG-rated cabling provides extended transmission distance.

The Utility Grade Infrastructure program gives project developers peace of mind that the infrastructure they’re installing can deliver the performance needed in smart buildings and other highly connected spaces. Because Panduit cabling solutions are engineered to exceed standards, it was a natural fit to become part of the UTG program with cabling products that are certified to meet those enhanced performance requirements.

In addition to the extended transmission, UTG-certified cabling solutions support higher frequencies, elevated maximum temperatures, advanced AV protocols, next-generation Wi-Fi technology, and HD and 4K UHD video surveillance.

Today, the Panduit UTG solution is available throughout North America and we are working with Wesco/Anixter to bring the solution to other regions of the world in next few months.

To learn more about Utility Grade Infrastructure, visit our web page. If you’re thinking about smart building technologies, Panduit Utility Grade Infrastructure is a solid choice to make sure your infrastructure can support whatever smart solutions you’re considering.


Frank Straka

Frank Straka joined Panduit as an engineer more than16 years ago. He holds more than 30 patents in copper connectivity and cable design. He has held a number of roles in engineering and product management and currently is Director of Business Development for Panduit's Enterprise Business. Frank has been active in the development of standards for copper cable and regularly works within the industry on the development of new technologies. He is a frequent speaker at conferences such as BICSI on new Enterprise developments.