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Panduit Provides an Innovative Solution to Key Market Challenges with Nylon 612 Cable Ties

Oct 2022

With costs rising, it is now more critical than ever to secure your cables using the correct materials for specific applications. The Nylon 612 Cable Ties are the first product of its kind to be used in weather resistant cable tie solutions.

Traditional Natural Nylon Cable Ties have an anticipated outdoor service life of only 1-2 years. Using Weather Resistant Cable Ties increases this anticipated life expectancy to 7-9 years. Factors such as UV exposure, bundle diameter, and interaction with chemicals can adversely affect the life expectancy of these cable ties. As a reminder, the cost of replacing ties that age prematurely is not just the cost of the replacement tie, you must also include the cost of the labor it takes to install the replacement tie. Exposure to chemicals has the most detrimental effect on the life expectancy of cable ties.

Panduit’s introduction of its new Nylon 612 weather resistant cable tie can address these issues

Nylon 12

Traditionally, a number of these issues could be addressed by using cable ties made of our current product, the Nylon 12 material. However, due to the energy crisis and demand currently exceeding capacity for the Nylon 12, following the pandemic, it has become more difficult to source and costs are rising.

Panduit has become the first cable tie manufacturer to use Nylon 612 in the production of its cable ties.

Nylon 612 demonstrates many benefits over the use of Nylon 12 and other alternatives

  • Nylon 612 has an increased anticipated outdoor life expectancy of 20 years. This gives the installer the benefit of “fit and forget” and reduces the risk of compromising the integrity of the installation. No replacement tie costs, no additional labor costs.
  • Nylon 612 also displays superior loop tensile strength over Nylon 12 when exposed to Zinc Chloride. Zinc is frequently used on containment as a corrosion-resistant coating on mild steel cable trays.
  • Nylon 612 has improved performance in terms of tensile strength and elongation retention over time against Nylon 12 when exposed to UV
  • Due to its improved performance over Nylon 12, Panduit’s range of Nylon 612 cable ties are the ideal solution on galvanized surfaces and frames
  • Remarkably, despite all these benefits over Nylon 12, Panduit’s range of Nylon 612 cable ties has a lower cost base than Nylon 12. They simply cost less than the Nylon 12!

We are seeing a growing demand for high-quality long-lasting products in outdoor applications such as:

Panduit’s Nylon 612 cable ties improved strength, reduced cost, better chemical resistance, and longer life which in return makes them the superlative solution for these varying outdoor applications.

To learn more about our infrastructure solutions for renewable energy markets, please visit here.


Simon Westwood

Simon has worked for Panduit for 25 years and in his current role as a Technical Systems Engineer, he has helped organisations increase their productivity, improve their safety, and reduce their downtime through the application of innovative Industrial Electrical Infrastructure solutions.