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Understand the impact your physical infrastructure has on your IT environment.

Data Center Assessment Services

Whether you are implementing new technologies such as cloud or mobile computing, virtualization, consolidating your data centers, or experiencing performance issues, it is imperative that you fully understand the impact that your physical infrastructure has on your IT environment.


The performance of your data center depends on a complex interrelationship between cooling optimization, power management, space utilization, and high-speed data transmission, all of which are essential to getting the maximum performance and uptime from your critical systems and applications.


We offer a full line of physical infrastructure assessments that help you resolve your data center challenges and provide the best foundation for new initiatives.


Technology Brief

View our new Technology Brief on the benefits of using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), CFD Analysis or Real-Time Monitoring, to better manage the thermal environment in your data center.

Our assessment offerings include:

  • Understand the overall health of your data center.

    This evaluation will provide a thorough assessment of the key physical infrastructure aspects. Included in this service is a report that outlines your physical infrastructure’s readiness to support current and future needs.  A benchmark comparison is also completed, including a rating of dozens of specific facets of your physical infrastructure for compliance with industry standards and best practices.


    The end result is reliable information that enables you to make informed decisions about how to optimize your current data center operations and prepare your physical infrastructure to support future technology deployments. Learn more.

  • Find up to 30% savings in energy efficiency and unlock capacity.

    Maintaining the proper temperature within your IT equipment is critical to its continued operation.  Increasing power densities and real estate limitations are making managing cooling issues more complex.  Many of the problems that contribute to inefficient thermal management are easily overlooked.

    During the onsite inspection, Panduit takes airflow, air pressure and temperature readings of your data center. From this information we construct a virtual model of your facility using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling. The CFD model allows us to assess current thermal conditions that degrade cooling efficiency and identify specific root causes of inefficient thermal management, such as hot spots, insufficient airflow, air recirculation, and improper equipment layout. From this, recommendations are made to improve cooling performance and provide cost savings opportunities. Learn more.

  • Faced with rising operations and energy costs, data center professionals are being challenged with the need to institute energy savings initiatives. These initiatives must also balance the need to maximize the power, space, and cooling capacities of their facilities. 


    Our energy efficiency practice is focused on optimizing the physical infrastructure to address top of mind energy challenges. Building upon baseline assessments of cooling capacity at the data center room level, the services expand to include the analysis of the power and cooling chain to determine PUE at a given time or on an ongoing basis with dynamic measurements that provide continual analysis and monitoring.


    Energy Efficiency Optimization Services provide data center managers with the capacity to analyze the power and cooling system to resolve capacity issues, ensure readiness for future growth while understanding how efficiently power is being utilized. Learn more.