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Industrial Network Infrastructure White Papers

Industrial Network Infrastructure: Your Future Business Foundation

Learn more about the knowledge and tactics in current, near future, and distant future time domains that guide your network plans. It also suggests resources and strategies that assist in the design, implement, operate, and maintain phases.

The Ubiquity of Bandwidth

Learn more about the impact bandwidth has made on IIoT technology and why this is important for IT/OT applications. This paper discusses the relationship between IIoT technology and bandwidth, the importance of bandwidth to IT/OT networks, and how Moore’s Law still resonates today for IIoT technology.


What is the Impact of Packet Loss?

Learn more about the issues both IT and OT managers encounter as they transform their networks to support business success in the IoT era. This paper discusses the cause of corrupted packets, how bit errors are detected, the impact packet loss has on throughput and latency, and the role of network infrastructure in minimizing corrupt packets.

What is the Impact of Real-Time Data?

Learn more about the issues data center managers encounter as they move to enable real-time data in this IIoT era. This paper discusses the definition of real-time data, why IIoT process controls demand real-time data, the relationship between data centers and real-time data and how to improve response time to real-time data.

Edge Computing: Behind the Scenes of IoT

Learn more about how edge computing may be the best choice when it comes to helping businesses deploy IoT technology. This paper discusses the difference between the cloud and edge computing, the ways IoT deployments can benefit from edge computing, and things to consider when deploying edge computing.


E.S.P. for IoT Platforms

Learn more about the sensors that gather the data feeding into the predictive analytics engine. This paper discusses the characteristics of the perfect sensor vs a temperature sensor, how to determine the importance of specifications, and things to consider when deploying measurement sensors.


A Manufacturing Network Fabric Maturity Model

Learn more about the importance of the network fabric in today’s information-enabled manufacturing environments, outlines the steps that proactive manufacturers can take to capture its full value for years to come and describes a four-stage methodology for improving an existing network to a higher maturity level.

Leveraging Real-Time Visualization and Documentation Across Ethernet Endpoints

Learn more about how leveraging real-time visualization and documentation across Ethernet endpoints proactively resolves connectivity issues to increase uptime and cost savings.


3 Steps to Effectively Manage the Plant Floor Network

Explore three best practices for determining what to measure so management and operations can effectively and efficiently run the entire industrial network.


Scaling the Plant Network

Learn more about how Panduit Industrial Network Deployment Solutions can deliver meaningful improvements in the reliability, security, and safety of Industrial Automation systems and offer up to 30% reduction in deployment costs and 75% savings in deployment time.


Structured and Point to Point Cabling for Industrial Automation

Learn more about structured and point to point cabling, as used for Ethernet deployments, and the considerations associated with using each cabling method.


Powering Up the Industrial Network

Learn more about the need for backup power in the context of today's increasingly connected industrial operations, review the options that are available, and examine the impacts they can have on operations.


Protecting the Critical Structure that Makes up the Industrial Network

Learn more about the elements of a Micro Data Center and the benefits of deploying this technology in an Industrial Automation environment.


Space Optimization for Control Panels

Learn more about the challenges and safety considerations associated with designing smaller control panels. Whether you are designing a control panel for your own facility or for a customer, best practices and addressing design challenges with new tools and solutions should be considered before any build documents are issued to the panel shop.


A Resilient Converged Plantwide Ethernet Architecture

This white paper highlights key IACS application requirements, technology and supporting design considerations to help with the successful design and deployment within the framework of CPwE. The CPwE Resiliency CVD was tested and validated by Cisco Systems, Panduit and Rockwell Automation.