IndustrialNet™ Copper Cabling and Connectivity Solutions


Ethernet/IP is becoming the leading communications protocol to be utilized in industrial automation applications to monitor, manage, and control industrial equipment.

The Ethernet/IP products used to need to be compatible with demanding environmental conditions found in industrial manufacturing plants such as high vibration, caustic chemicals, and vapors, wash down, and radiation, maximizing uptime while reducing repair and replacement costs.
Panduit IndustrialNet™ Copper Cabling and Connectivity Solutions meet Industrial Ethernet/IP electrical and mechanical performance requirements and are suitable for use in harsh environments.

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Shielded Horizontal Cabling

Category 7

Category 6A

Category 6


Unshielded Horizontal Cabling

Category 6A

Category 6

Category 5e

Patch Cords

IndustrialNetTM TX6 PLUS Patch Cords

IndustrialNetTM TX5e Patch Cords

600 V-Rated Category 5e Patch Cords

Jack Modules and Plugs

IndustrialNet™ Category 6 Jack Modules and Couplers

IndustrialNet™ Category 5e Jack Modules and Couplers

IndustrialNetTM M12 D-Code Field Terminable Plug

IndustrialNetTM M12 D-Code to RJ45 Panel Mount Adapter

RJ45 Field Terminable Plug

IndustrialNet™ Mini-Com® USB Coupler Module

Patch Panels and Outlets

IndustrialNetTM DIN Rail Mount Patching Solutions

Mini-Com® DIN Rail Mount Adapter

IndustrialNetTM Stainless Steel Faceplates

IndustrialNetTM Data Access Port Inserts and Couplers

Network Zone System

Integrated Network Zone System

Switch Ready Network Zone System

Pre-Configured Network Zone System