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The Panduit PAT 4.0 Automatic Cable Tie Installation System

For over 60 years, Panduit has been at the forefront of developing systems, technologies, and products to help businesses improve productivity and increase profitability. In keeping with our mission, we’ve developed the Panduit PAT 4.0 Automatic Cable Tie Installation System to help ensure bundling and assembly jobs get completed with even greater efficiencies.


Breakthrough Wire Harness Technology from a Leader in Electrical Infrastructure

When it comes to high-volume harnessing, assembly, fastening, and packaging applications, productivity is critical. To remain competitive, manufacturers are faced with the constant struggle to increase throughput, reduce lead times, and meet customer expectations. The Panduit PAT 4.0 Automatic Cable Tie Installation System addresses these challenges by introducing a series of next generation features and functionality to transform wire bundling and assembly as you know it.


More Features & Benefits Lead to Greater ROI

25% Faster

Advanced design enables operator to tie up to 84 ties per minute.

Continuous, reel-fed cable ties

Up to 5000 ties per reel and quick reel changes maximize efficiency.

New Tool Head

Smaller, lighter ergonomic design reduces operator fatigue.

Easy to Maintain

New, no tool access panel improves serviceability and lessens downtime.

Let's Touch On Improving Productivity

Our user-friendly, icon-based LCD touchscreen display simplifies navigation and provides intuitive help screens to optimize operation and enable users to troubleshoot without having to consult a technical expert. This advancement minimizes the learning curve for operators and keeps projects running smoothly. There’s even a multiple language support function that allows users to choose from a wide variety of languages. Want to experience some of the key touchscreen features yourself? Just move your mouse/finger over the adjacent screen area and click/press to begin.

Counters: Here, users can see the total count for the Dispenser and Tool as well as view serial numbers and firmware versions.

Log: This screen allows users to view performance data such as tie counts, serial numbers, and descriptions of errors.

Sensor: Here, users can trigger each function of the PAT 4.0 independently.

Settings: This screen gives users the ability to customize a variety of functions.

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Subtract Downtime and Watch Profits Add Up

On average, installers can only tie 8 ties per minute with a handheld tool, while those using the Panduit PAT 4.0 Automatic Cable Tie Installation System can tie up to 84. With these averages and your additional input, our ROI calculator will provide estimated cost savings for your business based on your average annual workload.

Turn Work Into Play—Test Your Skills on the PAT 4.0

Think you’ve got the prowess to handle the powers of the Panduit PAT 4.0 Automatic Cable Tie Installation System? Take a few turns at our interactive demo game and get to know what the PAT 4.0 can do.


Ready to Learn More?

Get in touch with a Panduit representative for more information.