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Pan-Steel Stainless Steel Cable Ties

The ultimate in wire & cable bundling, fastening, identification and installation solutions for demanding indoor and outdoor environments.

Built for Performance

The Pan-Steel® System is an integrated line of stainless steel cable ties, banding, mounts, identification and installation tools. It offers industry-leading performance, including superior strength, durability, and cost-effectiveness.


Superior System Performance

Each component of the Pan-Steel® System can work independently to meet your installation needs. But the real power of the system is how all the components seamlessly work together to speed installation time and deliver lower installation costs.

Cable Ties

Stainless Steel Cable Ties

A wide range that delivers exceptional performance in temperature, chemical, and environmental extremes. 

Retained Tension Ties

One of the highest retained tension in the industry, providing tight fastening of rigid materials in high vibration and harsh environments.

Installation Tools

Available for low, medium, and high volume applications.

Panduit cable ties and industry leading installation tools work together to provide repeatable high performance at the lowest installed cost. Ergonomics and reliability are designed into every tool.


Includes stainless steel and aluminum marker plates and tags in a variety of shapes and sizes.

On-site marking tools are excellent for quick and easy identification in the field. Panduit has the widest range of permanent identification solutions available. Factory custom marking service delivers embossed or laser etched identification.


Pan-Steel® Custom Stainless Steel Strapping can be cut to meet your many project needs.

Built with 316L stainless steel coated with a fold-over lock, it maintains a safe, secure connection despite severe weather, intense UV rays, high vibration and galvanic corrosion.

Reliable System Performance

Long life and resistance to chemicals, vibration, radiation, weathering and extreme temps


Increased Jobsite Safety 

Metal Cable ties rounded edges prevent installer injury and damage to cable bundles or finished product

Lowest Installed Cost 

Ergonomic tooling and an innovative design provide fast and reliable installation

Standards Compliance

Meets and exceeds the most stringent industry standards

Stronger than the Competition

We have performed various testing to assure that Pan-Steel®  Stainless Steel Cable ties outperform its competitors in tensile strength, reliability and low thread force.

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Built for Extreme Conditions

The world’s most demanding industries rely on the Pan-Steel® System to perform day-in and day-out in the harshest environments. System components can deliver a useable life greater than 30 years, withstanding extreme temperatures, hazardous chemicals and intense vibration.

Oil And Gas Refineries Off Of The Water

Oil, Gas & Refineries 

Valve, conduit, pipe, and cable secured from chemicals, extreme temps and ultra-violet light resistant ties

Cargo/Industrial Ship In Ocean


Electrical and communication cabling secured from extreme temps, ultra-violet light and salt resistant ties

Built to Match Your Exact Specifications

The Pan-Steel® System offers a wide variety of metal cable ties bundling, mechanical fastening, and permanent identification solutions to meet your specific application requirements. Use the chart below to determine which solution is right for you.

Material Loop Tensile Strength UV Resistance Extreme Temps Salt Spray  Chemicals Contact with Aluminum Flammability
304 Stainless Steel Best Best Best Good Better Not Recommended None
316 Stainless Steel Best Best Best Best Best Not Recommended None
Coated 316 Stainless Steel Better Good Better Good Good Best UL94V-2

Built for Success

The Pan-Steel® System has helped some of the world's most successful companies tackle their toughest installation projects.

Ship Next To Oil And Gas Facility On Water


Panduit Metal Locking Cable Ties and Installation Tools

Panduit stainless steel cable-ties offer huge safety benefits; thanks to their smooth, round edges which prevent damage to cable insulation and protect technicians from injuries during installation and maintenance. 

Large Industrial/Commercial Building Ship On Dock


Panduit Metal Locking Cable Ties and Installation Tools

Pre-assembled with no sharp edges, and can be installed twice as fast as strapping. Their installation tool features a controlled tension mechanism that ensures ties are installed at the proper tension every time. 

Oil And Gas Plant

Oil & Gas:

Panduit Metal Locking Cable Tes, Installation Tools, Identification Tags and Marking Tools

The breadth and depth of Panduit product offering covers all the build needs and significantly reduces costs - through more efficient procurement, faster installations, and improved safety. 

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