Terminal Block Markers

Remove the Complexity of Control Panel Labeling

Panduit terminal block markers simplify control panel identification by enabling the use of a single, cost-effective printer for all labels, including terminal block markers, heat shrink, self-laminating, raised panel, arc flash labeling, and safety sign printing. Designed from a unique flexible polymer material that can be printed on-demand from a standard TDP43ME using a standard resin ribbon, Panduit terminal block markers remove the need for multiple printing systems to save shop space, time, and wasted costs.


Simplified Operations

Utilizes Easy-Mark Plus™ and TDP43ME printer to help facilitate a single source for control panel identification.

Improved Reliability

Resistant to smearing, smudging, abrasives and chemical exposure. Unique design delivers strong holding force resistant to vibration.

Maximized Productivity

Continuous reel allows you to print quickly and in large volumes. Utilizes a unique flexible polymer to help create only what you need for any job.

Greater Cost Savings

Minimizes need for specialized expensive printers and enables the reduction of wasted material costs.

Features and Benefits


  • Flexible markers have superior holding strength in terminal blocks, eliminating markers that fall out
  • Chemical and abrasion resistant
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Markers have an easy pull-apart design, and can be easily replaced for any panel changes



Thermal Transfer Printable

  • Faster printing speeds
  • Use single printer for all control panel labels; terminal block markers, heat shrink, self-laminating, raised panel, etc.
  • Print-on-demand using Panduit labeling software
  • Allows use of standard resin ribbon – no need for difficult, messy, or expensive ink cartridges

Continuous Reel

  • Faster marker installation; install many markers in a single step
  • Less marker waste – print only as many as you need
  • Easy loading in Panduit TDP43ME printer and roll stand