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VeriSafe™ AVT Instruction Manual Revision Notice

Instruction Manual Revision: 14


VeriSafe™ AVT Models: VS-AVT-C02-L10, VS-AVT-C02-L03, VS-AVT-C08-L10, VS-AVT-C02-L03A, VS-AVT-C08-L10A, VS-AVT-C02-L03E, VS-AVT-C08-L10E

Instruction Manual Revision: 14

Date: 1/11/2022

Authors: Zach Ganster

Description of Instruction Manual Change


The VeriSafe™ AVT Instruction Manual is being updated with important updates.

Panduit uncovered a potential failure mode for an electrical component. In certain extremely rare circumstances, the green LED could become illuminated independently of the test. In this failed idle state, both the green and red/yellow LEDs would illuminate until the battery is depleted. This failure mode was reviewed by our functional safety certification body and it was determined that the SIL 3 safety rating was not impacted. However, the SFF value was changed from 98.3% to 98%, and the ʎDU was changed from 10 to 12. This failure mode has no impact on existing and future AVTs, and no action is required by the customer. Additionally, to ensure clarity in the instruction manual, the following statement was revised in the safety warnings section:

  • Current Statement: Absence of voltage is indicated by illumination of the green Absence of Voltage Indicator. Absence of voltage is not guaranteed when the red Voltage Presence Indicators are not illuminated.
  • New Statement: Lack of red voltage presence indicators alone does not verify the absence of voltage, the Absence of Voltage test must be initiated followed by the illumination only of the green indicator to verify the absence of voltage.


If at any time the red or yellow LEDs are illuminated at the same time as the green LED, contact Panduit.

A typo was corrected regarding Panduit’s reference to the Canadian Electrical Code.

VS-AVT-ROR SKU was added as an option for customers to order a replacement O-Ring Kit for 5 year maintenance recommendation.

Please review the manual for further detail on the changes summarized above.

View Manual


For any questions or concerns, please reach out to Panduit Technical Support:


Tel:         1-866-405-6654