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VeriSafe™ AVT Instruction Manual Revision Notice

Instruction Manual Revision: 15


VeriSafe™ AVT Models: VS-AVT-C02-L03 and VS-AVT-C08-L10

Instruction Manual Revision: 15

Date: 10/7/2022

Author: Alan Bond

Description of Instruction Manual Change


The VeriSafe™ AVT Instruction Manual is being updated with important updates.

VeriSafe Absence of Voltage Testers will be transitioning from colored sensor leads to labeled black sensor leads for each phase. This change will be a running change and have no impact on performance of current or future product. VeriSafe AVT SKUs will offer German, French-France, Italian, Korean, and Mandarin language labels, in addition to the English, French Canadian and Spanish labels. The black sensor leads will better address evolving international standards and meet the needs of our global customers.

The R15 version of the user manual will be updated to reflect this change.

Once transitioned to black sensor leads, each sensor lead will be labeled at two locations. One on the end of the sensor and the other where the bundle of sensor leads exits the isolation module.

This change is relevant for Manufacturing dates after April 22, 2022 for both VS-AVT-C08-L10 and VS-AVT-C02-L03 SKUs.


Note that If you are installing a VeriSafe with colored leads, use Revision 14. Revision 14 of the VeriSafe 1.0 manual can be found HERE.


For any questions or concerns, please reach out to Panduit Technical Support:


Tel:         1-866-405-6654