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VeriSafe™ AVT Installation Considerations in High Capacitance Environments


VeriSafe™ AVT Models (manufactured BEFORE July 21, 2021): VS-AVT-C02-L10, VS-AVT-C02-L03, VS-AVT-C08-L10, VS-AVT-C02-L03A, VS-AVT-C08-L10A, VS-AVT-C02-L03E, VS-AVT-C08-L10E

Date: 6/29/21

Authors: Marty Kronz

A technical note regarding installation in high capacitance environments has been released.

IMPORTANT: If existing VeriSafe AVT installations are not exhibiting the 4-flash code described in this technical note, no action or firmware update is required.

In rare instances, an AVT (manufactured prior to July 21, 2021) with proper physical terminations on an unpowered system, may signal the 4-flash diagnostic code indicating a connectivity error, rather than the expected green absence of voltage indication. This does not result in an unsafe condition or represent an unsafe failure of any AVT safety functions. A change to the connectivity diagnostic will be implemented in units manufactured after July 21, 2021. AVTs manufactured after this date perform the connectivity diagnostic in a way that is less susceptible to variations in system capacitance and the AVT threshold as described in the technical note.

What to do if you are experiencing the 4-flash Diagnostic Code and have verified that the AVT sensor and ground leads are installed properly:

1.    Check for the common attributes of no-load and high system capacitance.

a.    Cable runs greater than 100 feet.

b.    Cable size 4/0 or greater, or runs of parallel cables.

c.     System is isolated or open on both ends (no load) at the time of test.

2.    If the AVT test is being performed with a system open or isolated on both ends of the cabling, is it possible to run the test with a load connected?  Is it possible to add load to the system in another way?

3.    Replace the unit with a VeriSafe AVT manufactured after July 21, 2021.  Contact Panduit Tech Support for additional assistance. 

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For any questions or concerns, please reach out to Panduit Technical Support:


Tel:         1-866-405-6654