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VeriSafe™ AVT Instruction Manual Revision Notice

Instruction Manual Revision: 4


VeriSafe™ AVT Models: VS2-AVT-1IB, VS2-AVT-1IF, VS2-AVT-1P-ISO, VS2-AVT-1PB-02, VS2-AVT1PB-08, VS2-AVT-1PB-16, VS2-AVT-1PF-02, VS2-AVT-1PF-08, VS2-AVT-1PF-16, VS2-AVT-3IB, VS2- AVT-3IF, VS2-AVT-3P-ISO, VS2-AVT-3PB-02, VS2-AVT-3PB-08, VS2-AVT-3PB-16, VS2-AVT-3PF-02, VS2-AVT-3PF-08, VS2-AVT-3PF-16

Instruction Manual Revision: 4

Date: 11/8/2022

Authors: Alan Bond

Description of Instruction Manual Change


The VeriSafe 2.0 AVT Instruction Manual is the initial public release.


For any questions or concerns, please reach out to Panduit Technical Support:

Email:    techsupport@panduit.com

Tel:         1-866-405-6654