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Used to limit the bend radius of the cable to 2 (50.8mm) when exiting from a Spill-Over Junction with a 2x2 exit or from 2x2 Fiber-Duct Channel, Black.


Product Type Trumpet
Application Routing System is a System of Channel, Fittings, and Brackets Designed to Segregate, Route, and Protect Fiber Optic and High Performance Copper Cabling. it is Suited for Data Center Applications where Cable is Routed from Distribution Areas to Equipment C
Bend Radius (In.) 2
Bend Radius (mm) 50.8
For Use With 2x2 Routing System
Material ABS
Overall Height (In.) 3.85
Overall Height (mm) 97.8
Overall Length (mm) 97.8
Overall Length (In.) 3.85
Overall Width (In.) 6
Overall Width (mm) 152.4
Standards Met UL Listed to 2024A, RoHS Complaint
System Dimensions 2x2
Color Black
Part Features Fastest installations, easy to maintain, system strength, versatility, Cable protection.
Pricing Category 1 FR
Pricing Category 2 FR2

Packaging Detail

UPC 07498345112
Std. Pkg. Qty. 1
Std. Pkg. Volume (cf) 0.0913
Std. Ctn. Qty. 5
Std. Ctn. Volume (cf) 0.4563


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