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Building the Future of Wind Energy

End-to-End Solutions to
Power Your Next Project

Our solutions help achieve the lowest cost of ownership through improved reliability and reduced maintenance expenses.

Complete Balance of System Solution

Panduit’s broad portfolio covers cable management, grounding, safety, and data infrastructure – more ground than any other manufacturer.

Build with Panduit

Safety and Compliance Worldwide

Panduit renewable energy solutions meet or exceed industry certifications and standards worldwide.

Logos showing certifications including UL, RoHs, etc.
Panduit Solutions for Wind Applications

Cable Ties & Mounts

Precision cable management designed for harsh environments and vibration.

Stainless Steel Ties

High strength, easy to handle cable ties are built to last.

Cable Cleats

Support and secure power cables inside tower and enroute to transmission line.

Power Connectors

Create fast, reliable, and easily verifiable compression power terminations.

Wiring Duct & Abrasion Protection

Route and protect wires within confined spaces subject to extreme temperatures and vibration.


Clearly label wires and cables for easy, safe future maintenance.


Securely connect crucial equipment to ground in any weather condition.


Product Highlights

Cable Cleats

Cable Cleats are ideal for wind applications. They provide support for long vertical runs of heavy cable within the turbine towers and keep cables safely contained in case of a short circuit fault to reduce harm to people and property. Tested to IEC 61914 international standard.

Compression Grounding

Compression Grounding Connectors simplify the process of creating a high-quality electrical bond in the field. No need to deal with exothermic welding kits that can be hard to handle in windy or wet conditions. Just select the right Blackfin tool and die to create a UL certified bond in moments.

Pan-Lug Aluminum Compression Lugs

Aluminum Compression Lugs are a perfect choice for high-vibration, harsh environment wind power applications. Factory pre-filled with antioxidant and tin-plated to inhibit corrosion, they install simply and securely with a crimp tool.

Industry Insights
Uraprotect™ Subsea Cable Protection System

Protecting subsea cables efficiently and cost-effectively in offshore environments to drive long-term project value.


Want to discuss your renewable energy project needs?